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a fluffy low-angst short story



“When I asked for a puppy this wasn’t what I meant.”

Marked with animalistic traits ‘Lesser Humans’ are kept as slaves, but for Selous they may be the only way to find a boyfriend that can be kept hidden. Allowed to stay in the family manor so long as he appears straight, Selous accepted that he’d never be with someone he loved. Meanwhile, a scrappy young man with fluffy ears and ice blue eyes waits for him. The puppy boy works thousands of miles below the earth’s crust, dreaming of one day seeing the sun again. He’s hungry and dirty like any pet you might find at the shelter but rescues are often the most loyal.

Join Selous in this sweet, low angst gay romance. Complete with steamy scenes not meant for y

“Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out- chase that ”

Gemma Troy

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