Tiny Creatures

Tiny Creatures

I stood watching as people hurried around me. It’s like they didn’t see me. No one seems to see me. I watched her giving birth. I wasn’t sure who this lady was but I always wanted to see a life be created. There were a lot of people in the room but three stuck out to me besides the one that was creating the life. Other people didn’t seem to see these three, like how they didn’t see me.

The woman had been in labor for hours and I was getting kind of bored but these three where what was keeping me there.

“I will be the first one to touch the tiny creature!” The one wearing all black clothing spoke, “And when I have raised it I will have it start a nuclear war.”
“No, I will be the first to touch this child and when I do I shall be the one raising it and I will guide it towards becoming a monk.” Said the one in all white.

“If I poke it, it, he, will cause all of his classmates to fail and will then become a successful art student that will be arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.”

The one in white and the one in black stared at the one in red. Then all at once the two began to argue about who would be the first one to touch the tiny life. I turned my attention away from them however and approached the mother. The noise in the room was overwhelming so I just blocked it out and walked closer to the doctor.

I saw a tiny foot and I touched it to see if it would squirm. It didn’t move. Then the rest of the tiny life appeared. It didn’t make a sound so I poked its nose. Then it began to cry. The three odd people looked to the tiny life and then to me. It seemed like they could see me.

“Uh oh…” the one wearing black spoke.
I looked over the tiny life as the three of them scrambled to get in touch with someone. Another one in black, slightly taller than the last, showed up.

“What do you mean a ghost touched the baby first?” the new one yelled as he enter the room. “Hey kid.” He seemed to be talking to me, “Do you know what you just got yourself into?”
I shrugged.

“The first one to touch a baby will be its guardian and its lifelong guide. You have to take care of it for life now, do you understand?
I looked to the little thing and then back to the tall one in black and nodded.

“And as for the rest of you, don’t go telling the big guy upstairs or the big guy down stairs about this, just say you lost or something.”

I ignored them after that and went back to watching the small life form. The tiny life was passed from person to person and each one murmured the same word, “Baby” so I assumed that is what it was called.
I followed baby around as they moved it around the building. Baby went into a room with other tiny lifes and I stood beside the bed Baby was placed in. Peoples in white, black, and red all stood by their tiny lifes and spoke soft words to them. My own tiny life squirmed slightly so I poked its hand to hold it down. Baby didn’t like that so I held its hand in mine.

Tiny life was later moved to a new building. Baby’s basic needs were tended to by the large lifes whom I referred to as Male and Female, respectively. There is also a large life they call aunt something. This is a fitting name as Insects are annoying, and won’t go away. Unlike an ant, this large life is loud so I have dubbed it “Insect”.

Baby doesn’t do much but I don’t leave it. Male is often clumsy when holding Baby and Insect often wields knives so Female is the only one I can leave baby with. Male often leaves during the day after a brown drink and a look at the white leaflet that arrives near the door every day.

After a while, Insect began bearing gifts in apology for being so annoying. Baby was often dressed up in these gifts and would be photographed. Other gifts were colorful noise makers. For a while Baby would only look at me, so in order to appease Male, Female, and Insect, I would stand behind these objects or behind the large life forms.

Female began to wield knives soon thereafter so Baby would be left to swing perpetually back and forth. In the evening times however, Baby in the pink blob of fluffiness, in which baby was often contained, I would need to move things such as the dancing ceiling lights or the fluffiness that raised Baby’s temperature. I could not feed baby but blowing on the little life would stop the noise making temporarily.

As baby grew, she often seemingly tried to commit suicide off the side of the perpetual rocker. I must have done something wrong so I took it upon myself to create soft landing spots. Baby also seemed to get very hungry. Many dangerous things would end up on the floor. I lead Baby away from harmful things as much as possible but Male, Female, and Insect all did their part.

Tiny creature, while still hungry, began to venture near me through a knee and hand shuffling method. Insect in particular seemed upset that Baby would come near me so I began running off to various parts of the house and watching the tiny life from where she could not see me. That was, until the little black blob appeared.

To this day I do not know what it is, but one day Insect brought it over. This was just as Baby was learning the two foot movement method. The little black blob would race about, knocking things over and attracting the attention of all four life forms. This is when I seemed to become invisible to Baby. I later found out that most white, black and red clothed people disappear from the sight of their tiny life’s but a few can still see us all.

Little black blob then began to grow at a much quicker rate than Baby did. Both little black blob and Baby began eating solid food. I assisted both with keeping food in Baby’s mouth and getting it there. It wasn’t long before little life was taken out of the house frequently.

The going outside stage was very hard on me. Not only did I have to soften her fall, keep her from eating things, and keep other blobs of varying colors from trampling her, but she also began making noises. I decided to learn these terms so I could assist in the care of Baby further. “mommy,” “daddy,” “aunt,” “dog,” “play,” “there” and “food,” were the first terms I learned the next was “day care”

For those of you unfamiliar, “day care” is a place that contains tiny life forms during the day hours where those in white, red, and black must work extra hard. There are toys there so I kept Baby playing with those as opposed to interacting with the little lifes that were giving their protectors trouble. We built houses with each layer being a different color and painted finger pictures of the sky. Insect often dropped Baby off and picked her up and often one of the large lifes would comment to Insect about how we would not interact with others and wouldn’t speak much. All Male and Female heard about “day care” was about our paintings and our color organized buildings.

Just as we were getting used to “day care” a new word was introduced to my vocabulary, “Pre-school”. This was quite similar but was better in quality. There were stories and crafts and such but the kids would often fight over toys so we played with whatever was left. This is when Male and Female learned that I was keeping her from other children. After that “play dates” arose.

We would be taken to another lifes house and fed unusual food and asked to do odd things like hide and go seek, tag, and other games that we would normally play with more people at “pre-school”. But it was because of these play dates that we found puzzles. Once we found out what puzzles where, I worked at getting Female to bring puzzles of all kinds home. Word puzzles, mazes, puzzle pieces, and from there we found riddles and fact quizzes. These tools help the two of us expand our vocabulary, reading and math abilities.

In kindergarten I learned how well I had done by bring puzzles into her world. Baby could answer all the math problems and could recite geography, she was board while coloring in the letters of the alphabet and she could recite it forwards and backwards.

Then came elementary school, where she would wear pigtails and eat odd food and learn about science and history. We were good at history. If she needed to remember something I could help her by whispering in her ear. Whispering got us very far in the classroom but P.E. is where we struggled. Running wasn’t a strong point of ours and we didn’t want to practice during recess because we would rather read in the sun.

The next step was middle school. We already knew all the material but we didn’t move ahead of our grade because Baby wouldn’t talk to anyone except me, that is. P.E. only got worse and during lunch we would sit at a table with some people whom we had had play dates with a while ago and then go sit with other people and then go somewhere else to read or draw or write.

Life was boring and Baby was upset. All the people would not let her learn, they talked endlessly about nothing important and needed extended time for projects and wanted things repeated over and over again. I would try to keep her under control but sometimes Baby’s toughs would be really mean.

When high school came around, there were still annoying medium lifes but we could tolerate them. I believe the term “high school” was derived from the amount of kids that were doing some kind of drug and the stupidity of how every person seemed to be addicted to sports and would get a “sports high”. Nonetheless one thing made life bearable. Male life forms. Baby desperately wanted a Male for some unknown reason. She would draw them and write about them, read about them and watch them. I kept her away from them though.

When she talked to me about them she would ask over and over about why everyone else could have a “boyfriend” but I wouldn’t allow her one. I soon found out the reason why I would not give her a Male life form to call her own.

The two of us were walking down the street one day when high winds picked up. Buildings were being ripped apart and things were being thrown everywhere. I needed to protect Baby but without warning I disappeared from her side and found myself on a cloud.

“You did well ghost.” A person in white told me.
There were many people wearing white on this cloud.

“I need to go back to Baby.” I told them, “How do I return?”

“It’s the end of her life, you don’t need to worry, she’ll be an angel soon.”

“NO. I must protect Baby.” I looked around.

“I’m surprised she even lasted so long with a ghost taking care of her.”

“Ghost? What?”
An angel with a beard walk up, “When humans die, they either come to heaven, hell, or land in purgatory. Those that chose not to find out where they go are ghosts that roam the earth. It is rare for a ghost to want to go to his forever home in one of the three afterlives but when they do, they raise a child. If that person does good in life, both people come to heaven, just like you and Melody. Congratulations Jade, you’re an angel now. ”

“You mean.. Baby is going to die?” I didn’t wait for a reply. I jumped off the cloud towards the ground, I felt two large heavy things on my back that made me drift down.

“Jade! You can’t protect her, it’s her time.”

I found Baby, she was running. A large concrete ball with rebar sticking out of it was hurling towards her. I pushed Baby to the ground and for the first time in a long time she saw me. I spread my wings wide and covered her.

“Angel…” She looked me up and down.

“I’m sorry I wouldn’t give you a boyfriend, It’s just that… Well, I love you Baby.”
The concrete came close to smashing us but something protected us. God told me it was a force field of love when I saw him later. I kept my Baby wrapped in my arms until the storm passed and then I hid her away at the school where people were gathering.

Before I knew it I was back on a cloud with the bearded angel before me, “Human’s are never supposed to be kept past there time. Most anytime I would send an angel to Earth for doing such a thing.”

“Yes.” I said quickly, “send me to Earth. But please, have me born at the same age as Baby, because I love her.”

Soon Baby found a guy that looked just like her angel at the school, and he comforted her.
And that is how I fell in love with your mother.

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