He Who Has a White Shadow

The door swung open but no one in the rough bar looked up. Men yelled and cursed, drunk and fought until the man who had opened the door stepped inside, a white wolf with black wings followed him inside. The man wore a kimono that was dirty and torn and a hat with a shrunken in the ribbon and the brim pulled down low over his eyes . A sword was thrown over his back and he seemed to scoff when he entered the room.

The drunken men lowered their voices to whispers at the sight of him. “They say this is Shadow Of White, He’s a demon hunter from Japan. I heard he’s here to help the emperor. ”

“Yes I am.” He leaned over the man, “Do you know where I can find my client?”

“Hey!” A teenager in a short kimono, road his skateboard up to Shadow Of White.He tumbled off of his board and stood up, a long braid falling along his back. Shadow Of White glanced at the kid as he stood up. “Shadow Of White! I will be your competition!”

“I don’t spar with kids.” Shadow Of White rolled his eyes as he turned away.

“I’m a demon hunter too! Mr. Hitachi hired me as well. I thought we could wager on who could kill the most demons because nothing is fun without a little competition.” The boy picked up his skateboard and smiled.

“It doesn’t matter how many you kill, it’s the more powerful monsters that matter.” Shadow Of White took a slab of meat off of some random person’s plate and tossed it to his wolf.

“Aright! Then we will see who can kill the most powerful demon.”
Taking to a knee, Shadow Of White patted the head and feathers of his pet and received a wet tongue to the face, “If you just go after the most powerful demon you’ll leave yourself open to the less powerful ones.”

“Right! We combine total number of demons with the power level of each one and then see which of us is more powerful! If I win I want your sword and if you win you can have mine.”

“I don’t wager.”

“What?” The kid watched as Shadow Of White stood up.

“I. Don’t. Wager.” He looked at the skateboard and at the boy holding it, “Who the hell are you anyway?”

“I’m Adow, rising demon hunter! Soon I’ll be the best man with a

“Adow? That sounds like something I would feed my friend…” The wolf barked, baring his sharp white teeth while wagging his tail. “Something with the same texture as corn… anyway, please take me to Mr. Hitachi.”

“Adow is a highly regarded name in this country, you best not disrespect it!” He turned away and walked towards the door, “I will take you to his majesty.”

The kid dropped his skateboard in the dirt outside and pushed himself forward. Shadow Of White walked beside him, his wolf just behind them. When they got to a very flat, stone surface Adow was able to race ahead while Shadow Of White walked quietly onwards.

“Watch this!” Adow ran his skateboard over a steeply slanted stone and grabbed the board midair before landing and skating in front of Shadow Of White. “Pretty awesome, right? My dad made it for me.”

Shadow Of White looked at the kid and blinked without responding.

“You wanna see another one?” Adow jumped up into the air off a bump in the road and crashed into a tree.

Shadow Of White watched the skateboard roll up to him, “Yes, that one was pretty good.” He picked up the board and rolled it over in his hands. Setting it down on the ground he stepped on and kicked off.

“What are you doing?”Adow yelled from the bushes.

Shadow Of White ignored him and road down a slight hill. Adow watched him turn easily and bend down to touch the ground as he rode along. Adow began running after him, the great imperial gate approached as Shadow Of White’s long loose hair blew behind him. Just before he was going to crash into the red and orange gate, Shadow Of White hit the side of the skateboard and jumped into the air. The board flipped over twice and then fell to the ground with Shadow Of White landing on it moments later and a big white wolf leaping over the wall after him.

Adow scrambled to climbed up on and over the gate. Running up the steep path he heard a whistle and watched Shadow Of White glide up the hill towards the castle being moved by the wind of his wolf’s wings who now flew behind him.

At the top of the hill Adow caught up the Shadow Of White at the gate who stepped of the board as his wolf landed. “Your father made that? It is a very nice invention.” He handed the skateboard back to Adow and then knocked gently on the large door before them.

The gate swung open and two guards greeted them, “Shadow Of White, Adow, please come in.”

They were lead in through the center of the path lined with many buildings and up to the largest building. Red in color and with stone statues and many people hustling about the main building was like nothing Shadow Of White had seen before. The large silk paintings that covered the interior wall’s seemed impossibly intricate. In the center of this splash of color were two people each sitting with straight backs.

Shadow Of White, not knowing how to greet these two, went to his knees and bowed his head to the floor while Adow stood straight and bowed slightly.

“Ah, Shadow Of White, thank you for coming. Prince Adow please take a seat.” The emperor spoke in a low voice.

Shadow Of White did not even glance in the direction of the boy as he raised his head. Adow continued to stand but took a few steps back.

“It seems that a powerful demon is trying to take control of the thrown. A barrage of demons have been attacking the castle and the guards can not seem to handle them. Just before we called you Prince Adow was attacked.”

Shadow Of White blinked, his wolf walking up beside him. In the dim light it was easy to see the shiny black and white beads that the winged pet wore around his front right ankle.
Stepping to his feet Shadow Of White mumbled, “I figured so…” then he looked to the two in long silk kimonos, “please allow me to demonstrate my power and remove the monster from your son.”

The emperor knew nothing about who this person before him was. This man could kill his son or might help free him from a demon. “No. You can cleanse him later. For now you must only protect us.”

“Yes sir.” Shadow Of White stayed stiff where he stood

“Adow show our guest to his room.”

“What? The maids can do a pitiful job like that.” Adow griped.

“Take him to his room.” The emperor snapped.

“I don’t like this man. I’ll protect the castle on my own.” Adow turned away from them.

“You will stay off the battlefield.” The emperor threatened.

“Shut up.” Shadow Of White turned his back to the three.

A few moments of silent passed, “What do you hear?” The emperor strained his hearing.

“A family arguing for no reason.” Shadow Of White paused as he looked to his pet, “I won’t need a room and the kid will be fine in the midst of battle, he’s already tainted, they can’t do much to him now. But if he gets in my way I will not tolerate his presents from thereafter.” He left the room with his wolf fallowing him.

Shadow Of White walked quietly through the bustling group of servants around him. He climbed up to the top of the wall and sat cross legged in the evening sun. With closed eyes, Shadow Of White meditated there until sunset. As stars began to appear so did the demons. It seemed that an army of them were marching over the horizon.

Standing up and stretching, Shadow Of White whistled. The wolf flew up to perch on the wall beside him. Adow looked from his window to see the outline of a person standing on the wall holding a shimmering sword. He grabbed his blade from the mantle and ran out towards the gates that were now closing.

“I will be your first line of defense, I can’t have any person in front of me.” Shadow Of White leaped off the wall to the outside of the castle.

Adow ran forward and skidded out through the big doors before they closed. Shadow Of White looked to him as he ran out with his sword towards the fleet of creatures trying to kill him.

“Did you not just hear me you moron? Get behind me!” He shouted at the kid as he kept running. Shrugging, at the kid who was now swinging at the demons around him, Shadow Of White stabbed his sword into the ground and sat down beside it. The demons weren’t paying any mind to Adow as he swung his sword at each creature that swarmed past him. A tiny monster approached Adow, who promptly cut him down that’s when all the demons looked to him. A swarm approached, about to rip Adow to shreds,and that’s when he heard slow clapping.

“Good job Adow! You got one!” Shadow Of White had let the demons get quite close to the gate, “Now watch how it’s done… Demons I will be your opponent. Have fun on your one way trip back to hell.”

Shadow Of White pulled his blade from the ground, his wolf’s black and white bracelet on his arm. A bright light surrounded him causing Adow to look away and then the light spread across all the land, up to the hill tops and over the cities. The light then contracted and pulled back into Shadow Of White. The demons had disappeared and Adow sat on his hands and knees covering his eyes.

With a sigh, Shadow Of White pulled the black and white beads from his wrist and put them on the blade who promptly turned back into a white wolf with black wings. He walked up to Adow and scooped him up off the ground. Adow wined in pain as Shadow Of White brought him back inside. “The demons are go for now, carry on as usual.”

Adow was set down on his bed, he felt a wet rag against his forehead and the light went out.

The following afternoon Adow awoke. He stumbled from his room rebranding his hair. Shadow Of White was sitting on the wall with his pet beside him. Adow stood at the base of the wall looking up to try to climb it when Shadow Of White fell backwards off the wall. He landed on his feet facing Adow with a smirk. “There are far greater demons coming today, I will not be able to smack them down like I did yesterday so it is important that you are with your parents. If worse comes to worse you shall defend them with your life, do you understand?”

A large growl erupted into the air, Shadow Of White leapt up and over the wall. Before him stood a large demon, twice the size of human, and he wasn’t the only one. Giant black blobs move towards the gates, some large enough to pass over with ease. Shadow Of White lite up in a bright fiery light and dashed to slice through the creatures.
Adow ran back to his room and looked to his mantle. The sword was gone. He ran towards the armory only to find that the guards were already using all the weapons. Panting slightly Adow ran through the brightly colored silks and found his way to his parents room. He opened the door and dashed inside without paying mind to his parents. He took the sword at the mantle of that room and ran towards the great wall.

Shadow Of White bashed down the thing standing before him, only a few of the demons remained one of them being larger than any creature he had fought before. Adow had come over the wall, he stood with a readied sword towards the smallest of the large demons.

“Stay inside!” Shadow Of White yelled, his voice deeper and ragged.

Adow slashed at the leg of one of the things in front of him. The demon roared back and tried to smash him but somehow Adow dodged it. Shadow Of White looked between the great demon and the ones that Adow was now running from, and he made a choice.

“I will be your opponent!” Shadow Of White darted between Adow and his demons.

He began his attack one the first one of three. Adow scampered back up to him and blocked a demon with his blade. Shadow Of White pushed the price to the ground as a talon covered paw tore open the place on Shadow Of White’s back when he had covered the prince.

“Get out of here Adow! Go get your parents and escape!”

Before either had time to act, the great demon smashed through the wall and approached the temple. The sound of wood snapping filled the air as the thing dove into the temple and disappeared.

“Did they kill it?” Adow asked, taking to his feet.

“NO. It must have infused itself into the emperor’s body.” Shadow Of White through the sword into the heart of one of the demons before him and sent the black and white bracelet with it.

Shadow Of White ran towards the castle as the bracelet landed over the hilt of the sword. The white and black wolf ran after his master. Adow ran just behind him into the temple.

“All men bow before me!” a deep voice boomed.

The soldiers and the maids were all on the ground, bowing before a man in a black kimono that was sounded in dark energy. Shadow Of White vanquished demons as he ran towards the king.

“Seize this man, he has murdered many of my brethren.” Yelled the demon inside the king’s body.

The guards looked up, not sure of whether or not to follow the emperor’s orders. The wolf ran up to his master and jumped into the air, the bracelet flew off and landed on Shadow Of White’s wrist. Transforming into a blade the wolf was caught by Shadow Of White, who was enveloped in white, as he was about to strike the emperor when his body was caught and pulled backwards. Though the guards wanted the demon dead they could not allow their leader to be harmed. The bracelet and blade dropped together from Shadow Of White’s hand and they together turned back into wolf form.

“Yes, now display the man before me.” Just as the emperor finished speaking the wolf with black wings jumped and bit the emperor who bled black blood as he kicked the wolf away.

It took many men to restrain Shadow Of White. Ropes were tied to his wrists and ankles and he was suspended between two tall poles. He struggled, watching Adow as he stood motionless in the shadows. The emperor approached the man as his wolf attacked and was repeatedly blocked by a barrier.

“Enough pooch, I have felt your energy, and now have created a barrier for it.” The demon stood before Shadow Of White who’s hair fell over his eyes as he struggled, “now I just need to feel yours so I can watch you struggle to defeat me.” The emperor placed a spread palm over Shadow Of White’s heart and smirked, “What’s this?” he laughed and pulled the kimono sash from his hips.

The already ripped kimono slipped from Shadow Of White’s back leaving him in a thin silk undergarment that could easily be seen through.

The demon’s laughter filled the courtyard, “Shadow Of White is a woman?”

Adow’s face went red and he looked away. A necklace with black and white beads and a wooden carving of a flower hung around her neck.

“Is this another source of power?” The demon grabbed the necklace and tossed it to the ground.

In a moment Shadow Of White was gone and in her place was a black wolf with white wings. She attacked the emperor and smashed him to the ground. Guards pulled the wolf away but she attacked them and got free. Both wolfs jumped about avoiding capture and trying to retrieve the necklace.

“Impossible! I’ve already a shield in place to block your energy. You couldn’t have two frequencies could you? No matter, I have your other energy in my database now too, you can no longer attack me.”

Shadow Of White dove forward and grabbed the necklace in her teeth, she transformed back into a woman.

“Adow!” She yelled and the boy ran to her side.

The white wolf tossed the bracelet which Adow caught and Shadow Of White grabbed the sword.

“I need you to wield the two Holy Swords, this one is the one of demons, use it to knock the spirit energy from your father.” He handed him the sword the wolf had turned into, “the other one is the sword of angles, use it to kill the demon once he is out of the emperor. Don’t get them mixed up but don’t let the monster know witch is which.”

“Why can’t you do it?” Adow’s eyes were wide.

“Good luck.” Shadow Of White grabbed the bracelet from Adow’s hand, dropped the necklace, and became the angle blade.

Adow held both in his grasp and breathe in and out deeply. He charged at his father with the demon sword in his left hand.

“It’s useless boy, I already have their energy, my barrier defends me from them.”

Adow sung his left hand and the sword stopped a few feet from the emperor. He swung the angle sword and it stopped the same distance away. After switching hands Adow tried again.

Then the demon began to laugh, he was no longer tense. “What will you do now human?”

“Stop pretending.” Adow smiled. The demon blade smacked through the emperor and the demon flew out. “The swords have different frequencies than there people do.”

Adow slashed the angel blade through the monster a few times and stabbed through its middle. The beast dissipated. Standing before a crowd of guards and maids, Adow breathed heavily. “Well? Someone go get medicine for the king and the soldiers.” He watched them scramble to action.

Adow walked up to the necklace that lay on the ground. He set down each sword on top of it and two people appeared, each holding the necklace in one hand. Adow looked back and for between the two, one was a girl, the other a boy, “which one of you is actually Shadow Of White?”

“I’m the one that talks to you, and I am angel blade.” The girl said.

“Yeah, And I’m demon blade. I’m not very good at not killing people, so I stay in wolf form until stuff needs to be destroyed.” He smirked, “Which reminds me…” He let go of the necklace and became a sword just long enough for the girl to catch him and guide him through Adow, then she quickly put the demon blade on the necklace and let go so he could stab the demon that was brought out of Adow.

Then both held the necklace, “I could feel that thing staring through your eyes this whole time, good thing your bull headed and wouldn’t let him take over.”

Demon blade took the bracelet and dropped the necklace over Angel blade’s head. He returned to wolf form and Adow looked to Shadow Of White for the first time with his own eyes. He blushed and turned his face away, taking off his kimono quickly. “It’s not good for a woman to be so underdressed. Please where this until I can find another kimono for you.” He held his own kimono in an outstretched hand to her without daring to look at her.

She snickered, “Thank you little prince.”

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