A procrastination paragraph

Well it seems I have given up on my short story a week new years resolution. In my procrastination, decided to look back at my blog and try to put something on it. Now here I am, having finished my SAT just a few hours ago, thinking about what I could tell you and how I might ruin my book or you if you read this. But don’t worry, I wont. Instead, I’ll tell you about the project I’m working on. Every day for the past 17 days I have written on one of 5 books. Well the past three days I actually haven’t written, but before that was 17 days. I don’t want to spoil anything so here are the very general outlines:
1 A criminal is sent to a virtual word to compete in a game where, if he wins, his death sentence will be lifted.
2 A kidnapped princess tries to hide her identity after getting involved in a huge terrorist group.
3 The best Dragon hunter go on an adventure with a newcomer to the land.
4 Playing the game of space and time, an inexperienced gamer is given the opportunity to change the course of human history, and must kill other worldly beings in order to save all of earth.
5 I am editing Silent Storm, hoping to send it to a editor soon.

Tell me what you think about these stories! I’d love to talk plot and procrastinate more!
Also, stay tuned for another collaboration between Savannah and myself.

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