The No Plot Method

In the past I have tried to write 3 books without a solid plot. What I mean by this, is, a plot that is only in the writers head and not on paper or that only has the general idea written down. Here is my experience:
Trial One: Hinny
The book 12 year old me tried to write was very interesting. I had the general idea that I would have a princess on planet Merc who’s brother was captured and 10 years later, the princess was also captured. The idea was her brother would be mentoring her on an ‘undiscovered ‘island were all the kidnapped kids of the world resided. I have thought up countless scenarios to put the characters in but I never wrote out a plot or any order of advents. The story ended up, 3 years later, being 100 pages on the girl going to school with monster and obtaining super powers. It, to this day, is still unfinished. So yeah…

Trial Two: The Anti-Villain with Carnelian Eyes
This is the story I am working on currently. While I was on a vacation a huge rain storm inspired one chapter of a book about a criminal that could control the weather. When I got home, a friend of my helped me think up a second chapter. When I wrote up the chapter, it was really short so I added on the kidnapping of a child on to the end of it. I gave these chapters to a friend and was guided to change the kid into a love interest. Fallowing this was 400 pages of the criminal, who had no real goal, doing a whole bunch of random things. Before I wrote the last chapter of the book I decided I didn’t like it and started over, only keeping the same first chapter. After that the plot has changed 8 times. Now I am finally revisiting the story and not change the plot.

Trial Three: NaNoWriMo project
I bet you can tell were this is going. Last year I tried out National Novel Writing Month. The plot of the book I was writing was going to be a girl who went to a school for teenagers where they learned to fight and she was asked to guide a new student around the school. The boy was going to be a jerk at first and then help her learn to fight so she could get into a better school. I actually wrote this down but I did not have any plot points, just a general idea. The story followed the plot for about the first 20 pages, then, there was an uprising in the town they lived in, the main character was taken hostage by her love interest’s brother’s split personality, killed her. Then there were 4 guys who all loved her, trying to bring her back to life while all plotting to kill each other. I finished NaNoWriMo with 2000 words left to write having killed my favorite character and having a book that I did not open for over a year until yesterday when I posted the first long section for you.
I will use plot points from now on, or at least a written out flow of advents. How do you plot and how does it work? Also, I still can’t get indenting to work quite right on this website, sorry.

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