First day of Nanowrino

So today I started my new, month long, project. I 1700 words as of now, 6:47 July first. To tackle this project I have retreated to the local library and gathered more learning materials. I currently have the fallow books:
Fast Fiction: a book in 30 days writing guide.
A book in a month: a fill in the blanks 30 day writing outline.
The author training manual: A book that assess and gives you the skills to be a (best selling) author, not a writer.
Wonderbook: a colorful book dictating writing skills.
The emotion Thesaurus: you find and emotion, it gives you a list of physical traits.
Creating Characters: about… wait for it… Creating Characters!

I am trying to make myself a better writer this round as opposed to actually completing my book. What books do you use to help you in your craft?

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