Deriving Plot from Setting

On the opposite side of what I wrote last week, let me tell you how I come up with a story plot first. For me, it’s had to come up with random plot points out of the blue so I fall back on setting. Places like a facility for testing the ability’s of kids with supernatural powers can easily generate ideas so let’s go to something slightly harder. How about we travel to a bait and tackle shop next to a river in a dead beat town. Some of the best ideas come from questions  like; are there ghosts, werewolves, or anything else terrorizing the locals? How good is the fishing there? Do celebrities have hideaway homes in the area? What if you had to trespass on a very angry person’s property to get to the good fish? Then you want to combine these answers with a central theme or an interesting character.  With the questions above, I supply you with an out of the blue plot:

Jack Marther, a teenage superstar, just wants to get away from the Hollywood action. He travels to the town his parents retired too and takes up fishing. Not very skilled at the sport but wanting to impress his parents, Jake travels up river, trespassing on old woman Dianna’s property. Not wanting to be caught and remembering the legend of a werewolf in the area, he hides himself in a tree at nearby sound. It is at this point that he sees the great wolf and, in his shock, falls from the tree, hitting his head and becoming unconscious.  Jake wakes up at Dianna’s old house as she has taken care of him, but is extremely angry, requiring him to fix the house up as repayment. What happens next? Comment below and tell me if this sparked your creativity.

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