The Amazingly Average Character

In contemporary American society, a lot of the characters are exactly the same. Tons of video game characters are ‘the special one’ or ‘the only one that can save the world’ Hollywood depicts the same few type of main characters over and over again, the spy or generally awesome guy that’s skilled or has access to great technology, the romantic type who’s family, past or job won’t let them be in the relationship they want, and let’s not forget, the overly clever and funny person that something bazaar happens to and wow this is a run on sentence. Of course there are exceptions but these are some of the cliche we see over and over in plots. So now for the over simplified version of what I have noticed about a lot of characters that come out of other cultures. They are normal, relatively speaking, or at least, they start out that way. The character is not extremely skilled or very knowledgeable in a topic and for part of the journey is just learning the skills or adjusting to the situation. While America idolizes the unique and very talented, other cultures may focus more on individuals closely related to them. What do you think? Could you make your character be just average?

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