A dream in poem form

Once there was a mountain too big to be seen

There were no good paths and the only heat was steam

We lived here, me and my team

The only problem was the Veam


The Veam were criminals, unruly and rough

They would break into stores to show they were tough

And would fight with each other to show off their stuff

For all of these men were really quite buff


All of them fought with swords and gun

None the less I used to have fun

I had a friend, Z, with whom I used to run

The weight of his death on my heart is a ton


I killed him, pushed him into a rift

Everyone says he fell down the cliff

But the guilt still will not lift

My heart’s like the snow, it continuous to drift


Many years later my team gathered

We wanted to save what really mattered

And tried to make a plan to leave the Veam shattered

Unfortunately, they found us out and we were battered


The first of five could raise the dead

The next one was stronger than any man he lead

The third was as fast as lightning and aimed for the head

Eventually all of my team fled


I was the only one captured

And when my heart fractured

It was also enraptured

Because Z was alive


At the top of the mountain there was a sea

There were plenty of islands but only one tree

And I was full of glee

Until I realized he didn’t remember me


He took me to build a castle

Because I was a wonderful designer, down to every tassel

And even though he was gracile

I became a hassle


I knew he wasn’t the type to rape

But none the less I had to escape

I rowed my boat until I saw his shape

He jumped into my boat, sat down, and offered me a grape


He tried to convince me to return, but I couldn’t work for the Veam

I wouldn’t let my self assist in there scheme

And as we drifted down a stream

Z began to scream


The first word he yelled was ‘why’

He asked me why I never said goodbye

And as he began to cry

I realized that he was just a hurt, loving, guy


The two of us worked together

In any weather

My heart as light as a feather

We wanted to stay together


But one day his team came to check up on us

They had captured the rest of my team and thus

We began fighting, creating a fuss

Until they sat us down to discuss


It turns out the Veam were native

And our discussion was quite rehabilitative

My team was cooperative

And they were very appreciative



When we had fought the horde

I had broken Z’s sword

But I was still adored

Which was the best award


He gave me a hug

And a kiss like a sea slug

But Z was quite smug

I loved my little thug


I woke from my dream and looked out at the lawn

The room was quiet and cold and the curtains were almost fully drawn

I looked for Z at the break of dawn

But for some funny reason he was gone

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