Inspiration from your creative playground

When you were a kid didn’t you enjoy playing in a field or on the monkey bars or even climbing trees? I sure did, and still do, but my playground has changed quite a bit. For writing purposes, I developed a planet where all dreams go once they’re forgotten. As you might imagine, a lot of things could happen in this world, there are kings and dragons and flying cars, but you might want your own playground. If you write realistic fiction, you might want to make your own city or just slightly alter the one you live in, but the most important part is to have fun. Your playground could have crazy buildings, odd parks, roads with funny names and bipolar weather. Whatever you choose make it your own.

But why should you have this city, planet, or time period saved to mind? Easy, to generate ideas for your characters and for new stories. Close your eyes and go play on your creative playground; what kind of people are there? What wonky things are around to be messed with? What do you hear or smell or feel? Just relax and explore as much as you can, maybe you’ll just find something to inspire you.

Remember, Inspiration doesn’t come to those who wait. You can’t sit down and think about your writing problems, you have to do something else. You need to have fun to be inspired.

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