Writing characters with hypoglycemia

High blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia is a good alternative to diabetic characters. Having a hypoglycemic character can add drama and emotion to a slower book or speed up a fast one. I am hypoglycemic and I’m going to tell you about the daily struggle of eating. I need to eat every 5 hours minimum but for best results, I need to eat every three hours.  However most people think I eat very little at each meal.

These are the side effects of not eating after 4 hours:

Stage 1: I get really spacey, my memory is blurry because I can’t pay attention to what’s going on.

Stage 2: Balling my eyes out. I will literally cry over anything.

Stage 3: Intense anger. I once went after someone with a stake knife but usually will just kick the nearest person.

Stage 4: as we approach hour five I will pass out and stay unconscious.

If I eat a lot of sugar or don’t have protein and carbs, my ticking time bomb of destruction shortens. Sometimes it will be as short as an hour. However if my body isn’t doing much, I don’t need to eat as soon. For instance sleeping doesn’t count time wise.  I set up eating times to keep from killing people, they go as fallows, wake up at 9:00 eat at 9:30, 11:30, snacks from 1-3 eat again at 5 desert at 8 and a snack every other hour until I go to bed.

Now imagine your character doing trivial things, like driving to the next setting in your book, or sitting in a meeting for two long. Let the drama begin.

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