The Value of Beta Readers

Beta readers are people of your target audience that can give you helpful feedback on your story. If you write for the opposite gender, someone older or younger than you, or someone in a different occupation, you may want a beta reader. They can give you crucial advice.  Gathering a group of your target audience can also tell you what need to be changed, what’s confusing, and what’s well written. You can enlist beta readers before or after getting your book edited, but usually before you send of the manuscript to publishers.

Beta readers aren’t that hard to find, check writing groups on face book, ask on your blog, but try not to ask only your friends or family. You need both tough criticism and great support to help your book. Make sure you’re in a stable mental state and then ask away. So, dose any young adult girls or gay guy want to beta read for me?

One response to “The Value of Beta Readers”

  1. I mean, I’m already helping….However, I’m neither a young adult girl nor a gay guy. I still qualify, right? 😀


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