Day 2s simple task How to come up with an idea for your ultra-Awesome book

What’s this all about simple tasks?

Don’t Worry! You might have heard about sub plots and plot twists and character arcs but that will all come later. First you need to know which book to write. You probably have an idea blooming in your head, but if you don’t here’s all you need to do. Day Dream. Today’s task it to take a little plot seed, this years plan is to grow it into a plant. Don’t go scrolling off to another part of the internet. Write ether in the comments or in your book file, what is a book you have wanted to read. If that doesn’t give you any ideas, tell me about a person you want to meet. Maybe write down a situation you would love to see or be in. Sit down and write out any idea you have. You can try make a list of things you like reading about or like doing. Even if it doesn’t make scence now, it will. If you need move help, check out my ‘idea loading’ series here:

And click here for day three:

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