Day 11s simple task: ideas to stories

What’s this all about simple tasks?

Putting your ideas in order is one of the most important steps in writing your book. Your character should start with a simple problem. This does not need to be directly linked with the end goal. Then there should be an issue with achieving that goal. Fallowing this, they will need to have a new issue with their goal. Then is your characters crisis period, have them knocked off track by something.  Right after this, something needs to help them out of “the dark night of the soul” weather that’s a kick in the butt or a nice talk, I’ll leave that up to you. By now your character is probably doing something for more than just himself, so what is the new issue for them to overcome? There should be a problem with achieving this. Then, a plot twist from the sub plot, or just a plot twist in general, something to change the direction of the story. Then we have the climax and the solution to their problems. Put a little resolution at the end and you’re good to go! For information on character motivation, go to day 12:

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