Day 23s simple task: Day 10 of a book a month

What’s this all about simple tasks?

Ok! It’s time for everyone’s favorite part, the cliff hanger. If you can stop the plot in its track, that can be a good thing. Have the main character fail. Pretend to kill them. Make the readers question what is going on. Take the strait path and tear it to shreds.  You can add something for your characters to fear. First identify a scene that has something that can harm your characters. Next figure out where the climax of this scene is. Then figure out how you will break that up. You can put in a chapter break, switch to a different character’s perspective or go to internal thought mode. When you return, how long can you keep the readers in the dark? What will your character’s reaction to this event be? Start writing.

You wrote 16670 words! Go ahead to the next day:

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