Day 30s simple task: Day 17 of a book a month

What’s this all about simple tasks?

Today we start setting up the turning point. Your character should think everything is going well at this point. Start boosting their self esteem. Have them beat a henchmen, rank number 1, do well in a specific task, this will make the turning point even better. We will be breaking our characters tomorrow so think about what you can take away from them. Let them kiss their love only to take him away tomorrow. Be happy alongside your characters today, and make the day great for them.

You wrote 28339 words! Go ahead to the next day:

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I'm a YA Fiction writer who loves to create magical worlds and fabulous characters! As a funloving adventurer, I just want to make everyone happy. I pride myself on knowing a little bit about everything. So if you're interested in learning more about my writing please stick around a while!

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