The Day the Gods Gave Up

This is the start of a much longer work of fiction!

I was five when the gods gave up on humanity. The day had started just like any other, everyone grumpily going to work on a sunny Monday morning. It was May 19 of the year 3000, the perfect day for the gods to interrupt all of our lives. The King of Planet Merc had just written off his approval of law 3319 stating that men as young as ten could now bet their lives and losing would make them the slave of the winner. I was watching it on the jumbotron with my mom beside telling me how screwed up the world was.
We were standing in the middle of the street with the thousands of other Immantuins that had been thrown into the slums after the most recent rebellion. All of us were used to living on the other side of the wall where we could watch the news in our own home theaters while slaves served us our protein slurpees. I was too short to see the screen so I was looking at the back of the lady in front of me who was still wearing her pink ball gown that was now brown and had rips all up and down the back of it. Dad was off in the forest trying to get us some food but he wasn’t a very capable man so my stomach growled loudly.
Then the sky suddenly filled with gray storm clouds. Purple lightning came along with the rain as we all stood there. All of us outcasts weren’t used to the non-climate controlled world and so we stood there and got soaked. It was better than trying to huddle in shacks with leaks and listen to the creaking of the walls.
But this storm wasn’t like the other two storms I had seen in my life. I guess that’s why all eyes turned to the sky. The thunder rumbled so loudly I couldn’t hear the jumbotron over it. But this thunder seemed to be talking. An unclear voice was yelling down at us all over the wind and rain. The tops of the storm clouds were cast in gold light and along the edges was the very clear outline of humongous people.
My mom took my dirt-stained hand in hers. I still don’t know if it was the rain that made it look like she was crying but I know she wasn’t sad. Someone started yelling in a crazed haze behind us.
“It’s the rapture everyone! Finally! Purge us all! The Rapture. The rapture.”
But I didn’t know what that was. I looked back to see what the man was talking about but my mom grabbed me and held me tightly beside her. The thunder rumbled louder and this time I could actually understand what was being yelled from the sky.
“We are your creators! The gods of Earth, the Heavens, and Merc.”
And a different voice yelled. “God of Water.”
Someone else joined in. “God of Wind.”
And more were shouted, the list was long enough for people to begin reclaiming their sanity. God of Animals, God of Fertility, God of Luck, God of Health. More and more voices thundered from the heavens and then the list finally ended.
“As in times of old, we have found humanity is imperfect. Incapable of worshiping its creators, destroying the perfect Earth we have created, and threatening its own existence. So brothers and sisters of the heavens, shall we end them in floods as we have done before?”
The wild amount of booing was so loud I had to cover my ears.
“Shall we end them in fire?”
Whooping and booing both roared from the sky.
“End them in plague?”
And the cheering erupted again. At this point, I looked to my mom, trying to understand what they were talking about.
“Hush now darling.”
I looked around and all the humans were silent. “Mommy-”
“Honey, just listen.”
I looked at the unmoving crowd. Stealing my hand away from her, I ran through the legs of the people before me and up the grassy hill. I could see the clouds growing and the rain was pelting down on me harder and harder. The slope was muddy and the rocks in my shoes rattled around under my feet. I slipped as I tried to climb over a short wall. The sheep on the other side didn’t like me running into the center of the field.
I waved my hand wildly, holding it up like I did in class. “Excuse me? Hello? Excuse me!”
But the heavens didn’t answer. The sky was so dark it felt like night. I smirked at them and the sat down. Sitting criss-cross applesauce, I put my hands together like I saw in daddy’s old films.
“Excuse me, gods! But I’m sure everyone would love to pray to you if you just want to tell us what to do.”
The sky wasn’t yelling anymore. I opened my eyes and looked up at the sky.
“I mean I get we are kinda screwed up but I think everyone just kinda got busy and forgot. Like I forgot my sister’s birthday because we were moving and I didn’t give her a gift even though I really do love her.”
The thunder had stopped altogether but the rain was pelting me to the point I thought my skin would fall off.
“Hey, are you listening? If you guys could talk to us the whole flipping time then why didn’t you just tell us you were unhappy? Don’t you guys usually light stuff on fire or something to show up you’re upset? Like, where’s that one guy who can walk on wine or something? Can’t we talk to him about this?”
“That would be a prophet.”
I looked over my shoulder really quickly to see three people standing behind me. Blinking, I turned completely around and looked at them. A guy with a super long beard like a wizard, a lady wearing armor, and someone in an oversized hood cloak thing.
“Are prophets like lawyers? Can we ask them to tell you guys not to kill us all and then everyone will yell and we’ll get some money or something?”
The lady laughed quietly. “Not exactly little one.”
“Where did you learn to pray like that?” The guy in the black cloak whispered as he came close to me.
“My dad had a whole bunch of old movies from Earth time. He told me not to touch them but I really wanted to know what they were… I guess that makes me bad, huh?”
The old man knelt down in the grass. His big hand ran through my hair and it dried off. A lock of hair fell in front of my eyes and was glowing purple silver. He was smiling very warmly at me and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“You make a very good point. You little Sir will be our Prophet.” He said and stood up.
“How do I do that?”
Before my eyes the lady disappeared and it looked like a shooting star erupted into the sky. Then the old man did the same. I looked at the guy in the cloak, waiting for him to turn into a fireball too. He turned away from me and knelt down.
“Ever had a piggyback ride, kid?” He said in a cold voice.
I ran up to him and threw my arms around his shoulders. He stood up and held me in place. I peered over his shoulder to see what his face looked like. From under a big black mask, red eyes locked onto me.
“Who are you?” I asked as he looked up at the sky.
“Death, the Grim Reaper, Osiris, Hades, take your pick, there are hundreds.”
And then he lept into the air. We were moving so fast it felt like my face skin was going to tear off. All around me I could only see streaking light and then suddenly just a bright light at the end of a black surrounding. Then, in an instant, it all stopped. We stood in the golden light on the top of the clouds. I sild off of his back and looked around at the thousands of gods that all stood at the edge of the clouds. The lady in armor held out her hand. I ran up to take it. She walked me past all the eyes peering at me.
“A savior has stepped forward.” The old man said into a microphone in the middle of the cloud.
His deep voice was perfectly clear up here. I looked around at all the faces, there were animal looking ones and people with animal heads, everyone looked pretty unique. They were all silent as were the humans on the ground.
“He will be our speaking piece, our prophet, the heavens mouthpiece. As of this moment, we remove the self-proclaimed king from power. Anyone who dares to defy what our chosen one proclaims shall perish from an incurable disease. And should this child dare to betray us he will be destroyed on the spot. I present to you all Prophet Orion.”
And at once I felt myself being lowered from the cloud. Still encapsulated in that golden light, I seemed to be in a reverse tractor beam, being placed on the Earth for all to see. I could see the whole world as I slowly drifted down. The was the city full of golden skyscrapers and glowing screens. The wall was wrapped around it and the castle whose flags were torn away in the wind and cast out to sea. On the other side of the upper-class district was everything else. The mountains with snow still on their peaks, the forests, the prairies, and all the little towns that dotted all the open land in between.
Hover cars and helicopters flew up to circle around me, capturing footage for the news. I was dispensed onto the tallest tower in the castle where I could look out and see the rolling sea stretching out for hundreds of miles. Turning around I could see the city looking back at me through the skyscrapers and hover cars and cameras. All the screens showed my face, brightly smiling with messy purple silver hair. My eyes now shone a brilliant gold and on my cheek was a scar in the shape of a swirling star with eight points.
And that was the moment when the world changed forever. I stood at the top of the tower watching the king flee his castle and the storm clouds disappear. Once again I stood in the brilliant sunlight and all eyes were on me. People who wanted power quickly rushed to my side and escorted me inside to the king’s throne. Everyone was kneeling before me as I tried to wrap my head around what was happening. The world seemed to be waiting for orders from me.
“Um, will someone go to all the towns and tell them what has happened?” I said and looked around, “and can someone show me where the bathroom is?”
A few moments later I stood in an ornate bathroom staring myself down in the mirror. “Alright gods, what do you want me to do?”
And a voice filled my head. “Build shines for the gods and teach everyone how to worship us.”
By the time I was 15 there were shrines all across the world. Temples were erected in every town and the people knew how to worship. I was in charge of everything, the money, the building, the people, the government as a whole. And by 19 I was sick of it all.


If you want me to write more, please leave a like and/or comment! I have a whole novel-length work planned!

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