All Main Characters Have This Trait

Every main character is different. Some are strong, some are funny, some are lovable. But there is one trait all main characters have:
Some are determined to stop Voldemort
Some are determined to find love
Every single one wants something. Whether or not he wants to go on the quest he does desire something that can be achieved by going or else he would have stayed home and


watched Netflix.
But the thing that separates the main characters from the supporting cast is not that they achieve their goal, plenty of characters fail over and over, but they keep on trying.
It is their determination to get the thing they want that allows them to rise above the rest and be the main character.
So it’s not enough to just kinda want to become the main character of your life, you must be determined to be better, determined to be the very best like no one ever was.
The easiest way to develop determination is to define what success is so you aren’t aiming for an impossible goal. To help you define what type of character you want to be and take steps to become this person move into the next part of the series!

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