Create Your Mantra Catchphrase

I started saying “Everything always works out for me” when I was in middle school. I realized that no matter what I did time would keep on passing.  And because I was still alive everything must be working out for me. I wasn’t paralyzed, I was recovering from my dyslexia, I had a wonderful family and even if I was stressed over a test or being popular, time would keep passing and that would no longer be a problem, eventually.

This doesn’t make sense to everyone but I adopted it as my catchphrase for many years. It motivated me to get through hard times and my family would repeat it back to me when I was upset. It kept me going through rough times.

So how do you create a personal mantra?dacb3f82526cc4e3d3a84a5c6ffc6dfa.jpg

Get inspiration by going on Pinterest. There are lots of board of motivational sayings. Including my small one. These are good starting places. If one envokes a very strong feeling in you it might be a keeper.

Keep it short

When choosing a saying make sure it’s something that’s short and easy to say. You want this to be something that is memorable and easy for others to get with a lot of explanation.

Try affirmations

There are tons of affirmations out there for you to choose from. I’d suggest picking just one thing you want to work on. This should be something you return to whenever you are having a hard time. You want to pick something that will make you happy or remind you of your goal.

Try saying it loud.

Does it make you feel confident? You can’t have a catchphrase unless you’re willing to say it at least once a week. Don’t be afraid to say it to others at let them know what you stand for. Make sure it represents who you are and who you want to become. Mine was confident, carefree and youthful, what are to components of yours?


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