The 5 Best Resources for Discovering Yourself

Hey guys! I wanted to give you my favorite resources for defining a personality type.  These are great to go through if you are confused about what you want to do with your life or if you want to express why you are different from other people.

Let’s start off with the Myers Briggs types. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of this before but I wanted to give you other options than taking they very long test. This first video by psych2go breaks down what each letter stands for. The video right after that has each of the 16 types listed out and the traits of each. Even if you aren’t trying to write a character it’s a very useful video.

Sokanu Career Test is an absolutely brilliant test that looks at what kind of job would be best for you based on your values, personality and preferences. In the first third of the quiz they already had identified the three main jobs I was interested in. By the end of it, they had a very interesting mix of jobs I had and hadn’t seen before. I fully recommend this tool!how-career-test-works.213fc6f144cb6 Fascinating Character Types is a VERY short article that talks about a few different characters types you see in writing. If you’ve seen my post on the six types of main characters you’ll notice some differences. I focus on the character pre-flaw whereas this posthas much more human characteristics.6-Fascinating-Character-Types


Big 5 Personality test You don’t actually need to take the test to see the grading scale. It’s a very interesting way to compare where you currently are and what you’d like to get better at.



I hope you found this helpful! What other ways do you know of categorizing personality traits?

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