The Two-step Prosses to Pick Up a New Skill

This year I’m focusing on checking things off my bucket list. One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while was making a youtube channel. This doesn’t seem that hard but really you have to pick up several new skills to be able to post regularly and make decent content.

So what is the best way to pick up a new skill?

I suggest two things: research and then jumping in head first.

Whenever I’m going to start something new I’ll begin by doing a few hours of research on youtube to see how others go about the task. I did this for making a youtube channel, ice skating, making a terrarium and much more. You get an idea of how others have failed and also a lot of tricks for yours.

Then you need to take the plunge and just start otherwise you will never get better. I was looking into how to make a terrarium for years before I finally made one but did that make my first one any kind of big success? Nope, I needed more physical practice.

Don’t be afraid to jump in and fail, the next time you try you’ll do better!

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