Find YOUR Talisman

So many characters have a talisman, whether it’s a necklace or bracelet or other good luck charms, it’s essential for becoming the main character of YOUR life. Now if you read the last post about dressing like a main character you have a collection of photos of characters and people whom you want to dress like. If not that’s fine but you may want to:

pocket-watch-2031021_1920.jpgStart by browsing the web for cool objects to bring with you every day

You want to find something small and unforgettable. Make sure you have a strong connection with this object. You can find these things on Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy, even Amazon but you can also…

Explore the real worldurban-438393_1920.jpg

If you live near a city there is probably either a specialty store or a second-hand store that will have unique objects. I visited a rare coin store, a mystic store, goodwill, a drag queen store, Chinatown, a bookstore boutique and a few other places just to see what they would have.

You don’t need to go all over the place to find your special object but these are some ideas about where to check. Then you can attach this thing to a string or bracelet and find a way to keep it with you all the time.

klee-941597_1920.jpgMake a wish.

Whether you want to bless the object under the full moon or ask God to bless it, do whatever you need to in order to feel you have a good luck charm. I like to come up with a saying to go with my object. “Everything always works out for me.” Comes to mind whenever I see my talisman. This goes into a deep set idea for me and it doesn’t always make sense to everyone else so you need to come up with your own.

To find out how I came up with mine and create your personal mantra come back next week and subscribe so you’ll be notified when I post it.

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