Find Your Style and Dress Like a Main Character

Dressing like a badass is the best way to “fake it till you make it”. No matter how you define badass, you can figure out your style and start feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Almost every character you find, from kids cartoons to video games wears the same thing every day. While I don’t recommend that I can tell you how to find a style you love.

Find people you love

Go online and look up characters you admire. Whether they are drawn or real people, pay attention to what they wear, someone picked it out for a reason. Try to pay attention to what they have in common. Look up different real-life people and find styles you like then search for more similar styles. I have a Pinterest board and the best pictures ate saved to a folder on my laptop.A lot of the pictures I saved had girls with short hair and side bangs.png

You Can Do the Same Thing with Clothing

Go to you’re closet and go through it, looking for pieces that fit with this style. I found that a lot of my clothes could be worn a different way to fit my style. Remember you were drawn to those pieces of clothing for a reason. You probably don’t want a complete overhaul of your wardrobe. Move them all the best pieces to one side of your closet. You don’t have to throw out the other stuff but you probably will in time.

Now you just need to look for the few staple pieces you don’t have.

The next thing I’ll recommend (like any good Oregonian) is to go to a high-end thrift store and look around. You’ll find the widest selection of all types of brands. There will be styles from all different eras and body types. It’s also nice because it’s cheap. If you end up changing your mind you haven’t spent too much. It’s a good way to slowly change out your closet and find new styles that flatter your body type.

A lot of the pictures I saved had girls with short hair and side bangsAnother thing I’ve found very helpful is to choose one statement piece that you were almost every day.

Things like cool looking gloves, hats, belts, and scarves are things that epic main characters have. Look around on Amazon, Etsy and wish to find some very specific statement pieces. Go back to your pictures and see if there are any of these pieces that show up time after time.

That’s what you should spend the most money on.

A spin-off of this idea is the talisman. Many main characters have a bracelet, necklace or other statement objects they have with them every day. Read more here:

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