Life After College

Hey guys. Today I wanted to talk about what I’m doing with my life after I graduate. I talk about finding an apartment in Chicago, deciding where to live, finding a job in film, and the future of this youtube channel. I ramble quite a bit in this video but I recorded almost 30 minutes so just be glad I cut all that other junk out XD.
I hope you guys enjoy the video. If you did please comment, like, share and subscribe (It really helps the channel out). I’d love to make youtube my full-time job one day but as you can see I’m still working out the kinks. There only one way to get better though, and that’s practice.
If there’s anything you would like to see a video about please let me know. I’d like to move away from regular vlogs and start making more how-to style content. I’d also like to start posting more frequently after I graduate. For instance, I could have made this into two shorter and more refined videos. I’ll try to start doing that more in the future but editing takes a long time and it’s my least favorite part.
Now that I’ve rambled for 1000 words let me sign off.
I hope you have a sparkling day,
Anndi ❤

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