How to Set Up Your Writing Space


Pick a space that is calming to you. Maybe the corner of a room where the sun shines in the window. Somewhere that you can hear the birds chirping or your music playing. A space that you can really claim as your own. That may be a coffee shop with sweet smells and cheap drinks.


Make your space calm and clear. Have only what you need on the table. Just your notepad and pen. If your laptop is your weapon of choice then clear the tabs. Open up a new window and shut off all the distractions. Unless you have writing notes on your phone it should be away.

Make it your inspiration…. Make it your habit

Know in your mind that you will not sit down on that chair until you are ready to write. It will be your trigger to work. When you sit down there for the first time be full of inspiration. It will leak into your work everytime you sit down there. Claim this space as your workspace and that only. You will not eat there or sleep there or talk there. this is your place for inspiration, not for Facebook, not for TV.

Then clear your mind

Make the conditions easy to repeat so every time you sit down you can clear your mind. Forget about your laundry and your pay check, and your kids and you dogs and your life and just sit down and write.

Write and write no matter what.

Write Crap. Write poetry. Just write. If you can’t think of anything to write. Take a long deep breath and write that you can’t write. Write about your writing space. Write until the flow comes. And when it comes don’t stop writing. Don’t think about what you have written, what you have to write, what you have to edit, what your publisher will think. Just put butt to chair and get the first draft done. Be in that mindset. And when you need to edit, be in that mindset.

And make it your ritual.

And be happy.



The way I wrote this post was inspired by my all-time favorite book: We the Animals

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