Will There be More LGBT Best Sellers Like Love Simon?

With Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and it’s accompanying movie Love Simon hitting the mainstream I begin wondering if there will be any LGBT best seller books being released soon. This is one of the first novels with an openly gay main character that has reached such a wide audience. But will this trigger bigger publishers to start excepting more LGBT works?

I do think that bigger publishers having seen the wide success of Love Simon will be more likely to except these kinds of stories. But of course, publishers always have to be concerned with what will sell. And so though there might be a slight increase in novels being produced for the LGBT community, Love Simon was primarily marketed at teenage girls and gay guys. The problem with this is that teenage girls are often going to pick up a straight romance, so it is less likely to have a big sale if it is LGBT friendly and teen gay guys don’t make up a significant portion of the market making them less likely to be targeted.

On the other hand there has been a huge surge in popularity of gay romance is in those communities animes such as Yuri on Ice as well as TV shows and movies such as Moonlight. Each successful release of a new gay romance will trigger more and more publishers start to start accepting them. The soonest we will probably see a surge in LGBT works will be next year due to the long timeframe of publishing novel. But whether or not this will be a lasting trend will only be told by time. There have always been LGBT novels and there will always be more as the community is more accepted by the rest of the world.

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