Your Characters Aren’t in Enough Danger

In the age of video games where it only takes a click of a button for your favorite character to respawn, it’s easy for new writers to fall short when trying to create rising action. Lucky for us, there is one very simple thing to keep in mind to make sure your action actually rises and isn’t just in the same state of panic the whole time.

The plot has to build on itself based on the characters decisions.


If the choices your character make don’t change the way the plot progresses, the villain acts, or other characters respond then they have effectively done nothing. There has to be low tides and high tides, times of internal and external conflict, and one thing must lead to another.

I suggest picking three main events that lead up to the climax and making sure that at least those points have some kind of consequence. Even if the character succeeds, at what cost? Does this big event change the way your main character thinks, acts, or respond when in danger again?

Please let me know if you struggle with this as well. If you want to read more articles by me, I’d suggest starting with

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