The only tip you need to actually finish the draft of your novel.

So I’ve written about six novel-length manuscripts averaging about 80,000 words and started around 23 different projects in my lifetime. So what was the difference between the ones that were completed and the ones that were abandoned?

This one change to my writing style did it all for me. Every novel I’ve started to write after figuring this out has been completed. So what is it?

Whenever you come up with an exciting idea write it immediately, wherever you are.

Sometimes I think it would make a great plot twist at the end but by the time I get there it either no longer works or I’ve forgotten about it. Other times I think of a great character backstory I have to put in at the beginning but then I’ll get sidetracked and started editing the first chapter (again). Or worse than either of those, I get bored with the project and stop before I can put this great idea in.

Often times I’ll find that my plot is to slow or I feel I need to add another stressor to my characters. In every situation I’ve been in, moving the next plot point up has fixed that problem. I’ve rewritten sections so that the next big point happens way sooner because I’ve realized two things.

  1. If I’m bored so is the reader (on the other hand if this excites me now it’ll excite the reader).
  2. I will always keep coming up with new ideas as I write.

If it really does belong somewhere else then at least you already have it written and won’t lose the passion you had for the scene. Any time you feel eager and willing to write, sit down and do it!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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