How to Create Your Perfect Writing Space (and a Video)

Creating a spot that you use only for writing has many benefits. I’ve trained myself that whenever I sit in this one chair, I get in a writing mood. I’ve had a specific writing spot in every place I’ve lived. You can see my current set up here if you want some inspiration.

Tip 1

Find a space where you will be undisturbed.

It’s important that anyone who lives with you knows not to bug you when you’re in that seat.  I’ve used corners of rooms, rooftops, gardens, and sunrooms what’s important is to find a place that feels right to you.

Tip 2

Engage the scenes.

Lighting a candle, putting up twinkle lights, running water, laying down a soft rug and many other things that make your room more tactile can make you a better writer. I often forget to write smell and lighting into my stories so having something to remind you might help.

Tip 3

Keep the Clutter Away.

If I only bring the bare planning essentials to the table I will be much more focused. Making sure not to leave other projects like bills and work laying around will keep you thinking only of your writing. Having a clear space also decreases your barrier to entry so you can start writing faster.

Tip 4

Set up your inspiration.

I don’t care if you have an inspiration board or and inspiration mixtape, whatever you use to get into the mood of your WIP have it set up and ready to go. This will make it easier for you to sit down and write as well as help your brain associate writing with the space.


I hope this helped you out! Have a sparkling day!

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