How to Write 50,000 Words in 15 Days (and a video!)

We’re partway into nano now so I figured it was time to give you a boost. I’m not competing this year as I’m editing my novel for publication. But two months ago I completed my 50,000 words in 15 days.

I created this video if you would rather listen to me explain.

The most important step is to figure out how to budget your time

If you can’t find the time to write even one sentence you’ll never finish your novel. I recommend doing tasks ahead of time in order to clear your schedule. Meal prepping and planing at home workouts are my favorites as they cut downtime drastically overall.

Don’t lose motivation!

Plan some prompts to keep you energized! I usually keep a Pinterest board for each of my novels to give me inspiration. I also create playlists on youtube for the songs that get me in the writing mood.

Don’t edit

Write down all the edits you want to make and then work on the after the month (or 15 days) is up. keep your momentum moving forward instead of bouncing back and forth all over your novel. On the other hand, if you’re really motivated to write a scene consider moving it up in the plot or writing it immediately.

Write everywhere

If you write a sentence while your food is in the microwave or three pages while waiting in line at the DMV instead of scrolling through Facebook you will get so much more done. Writing is a habit, one that you need to make. So while two words might not seem like a lot, it adds up. I writing in google docs so I can access it from anywhere.

Save this for later. Pin it to Pinterest.

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