Unique Gifts For Fiction Writers (and 10 best books on writing)

So you’ve made friends with the ever illusive introverted fiction writer. As it gets ever closer to Christmas we need to start thinking about what the best gifts would be. Here are some ideas and places to get started.

1. Etsy Customisable

Artists love supporting other artists, that’s why Etsy is the first one I’ll mention. There are plenty of unique things like nicknacks, mugs, and shirts. But the real reason why I’m linking this is for the customizable aspect of Etsy. Try stalking Pinterest for writerly quotes to put on a customized moleskin, tote bag, or bookmark.

2. Amazon Inspiration pieces

If your writer is always looking for inspiration, try some of these gifts.

The writers emergency kit

Tea (with literary quotes on the bags)

Wax stamps – to get a little handwriting in

Hemmingway pencil cup– just look at it!

3. Things for Cats and with pictures of cats on them

If your writer is stereotypical and you’re running low on time, stores are sold out, or you want to by for a minimalist/utilitarian consider going to your local pet supply shop and buying something like…

an automatic pet feeder

a window bed

cat treats

it’s not drinking alone if you’re with your cat glass

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives

cat socks

4. Plant-related things.

Whether that’s seeds, a full on plant, or plant socks, there are plenty of things on the market that will get your plant lover excited. It can also spruce up a cold writing room.

5. A book (on writing)

My book recommendations:

The emotion thesaurus– I never knew I needed this so badly until I was gifted it.

Book in a month guide– Fill in the days and stay motivated as you go

Writing the breakout novel– great for inspiration

Paper hearts Volume 1 (some writing advice)- my favorite book of the year

Novelists Bootcamp– To get your writing in shape

Make a scene– a classic revamped

get known before the book deal– a little bit of advice on getting outside their room

your first 1000 copies– get this before they submit to publishers

wild ink– for young adult writers

and lastly, their favorite fiction book. Whether that’s a remastered version or something they’ve had pinned on their Goodreads. The best book is always subjective. So go to your local bookstore and pick out something that you think will excite them!






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