5 Weird Tips for Figuring Out What Your Characters Looks Like! (and how to describe it)

Sometimes the hardest thing to keep consistent with your character is their physicality.  I often have a rough time trying to pin down exactly how to describe the overall feeling I want readers to get. Heres some of my favorite tips and tricks for figuring it all out.

Dating Apps

If you want to scroll through pictures of people for hours on end then why not look at their best picture and get a short description of their personality. Then just screenshot the people who’s traits seem interesting or the most like your characters.

Character Creators (dress up games)

If you don’t like to draw then may I suggest https://www.dolldivine.com this is a character creator site that allows you to switch the features and clothes of characters you create. Some of the ‘games’ on this site have nonhuman characters which can also be fun. There are of course many different characters you can use but this one has the wides range of creators.

Movie stars

Pick an actor or actress that you would want to play your character if it were adapted into a film. Then just describe them plus or minus a few special effects like scars or eye color. You can even find them in a role and base your character off of the makeup artists work.


Yes, Pinterest is the first place I go for developing ideas.  But there’s a trick. Look to see what the other suggested searchers are under what you wrote. You might just find the perfect word or a new fashion style lurking there.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been taken out of a story because the writer tossed in a physical description late in the novel. My brain always comes up with a different image of what the characters will look like, and so will your readers. So why not leave it all up to their imagination. Describe your characters in a word or two without going into much detail. He had a sharp face. Leaves a lot to be explained but you get a good idea of the character.

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