How to Write Someone’s New Favorite Character

How do you create a character some is obsessed with? You see it in movies, tv, and anime all the time. If you’ve ever been to a anime/comic con then you’ll know how obsessed people can get over characters they are passionate about.

So what is that one thing that lovable characters have in common? Some may answer that it’s the Everyman or woman, someone very relatable who rises up and solves big problems. Others say its characters full of badassery and quirks. But there are plenty of both of those type who fall flat. So what’s the trick?

In some ways you need both of the traits above but there’s a very easy way to create someone who your reader will obsess over.

Think for a moment, who in your life are you obsessed with? Who do you want to hear everything from. You would fallow them to hell and back and want to hear all their stories? You likely either though of your best friend or a close family member.

That’s who you write. I don’t mean the person specifically but have that same feeling when you write your people.

Have your character be someone you want to hang out with. Your best friend. Write someone who your readers want to meet and befriend.

That’s when people obsess over characters. They want them to be real so much so they do everything they can to make them as real as possible. Writing fan fics, cosplaying, drawing them.

You want to know everything that your best friend has to say. You’ll happily listen to their rants and problems. You want them to succeed and you want to help them.

If you write romance then have characters you would fall in love with.

If you write ‘returning home’ stories then write a hometown you want to go home to.

Don’t just write what you want to read, write who you want to meet, headlines you want to hear more about, things that make you angry, truths you live by.

Write with passion and write about people who make you passionate. Write your life and tell your story.

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