Finding Your Writing Accountability Partner– Your Writing Community

A writer sits alone drinking tea (or maybe bourbon) as they stare down the blinking cursor on their blank page. Accompanied only by their cat the writer enjoys the silence that comes with being in the flow, pounding out words and achieving daily goals. But how much of this is reality? The idea of the introverted writer might seem ideal but sometimes writers need a kick in the butt to get them going or a friend to celebrate with.

The easiest way to stay committed to your writing is to have an accountability group. Your writing community will not only help you to brainstorm new ideas and move forwards when your stuck but will probably have connections and insight into publishing, editing and more. So where can you make friends, stay accountable and celebrate life’s little successes? Today I wanted to give you some resources to help you find or found your own writing community.

Meetup.comdownload (2)

This is a great resource for meeting new people. Look up writing groups in your area or start your own, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to set up and attend meetings. Get updates on your meetings by email or just check in when you’re ready to meet new people. There are lots of fun events on here. You could try meeting up with your target audience too.

Writers Conferences and Writers Classesthe-climate-reality-project-349094-unsplash.jpg

Whats a better place to meet new friends than where you all have something in common and are practically forced to talk to each other? Some of the best companions I’ve found at conferences and sometimes the best part of the convention is the people you meet.  Start by sitting down beside someone and listening to their conversation. Then you can either butt in or start a conversation with the person later based off of what they seem to be interested in. Don’t worry it won’t surprise them, all writers are eavesdroppers.



If you don’t need to be in person then Reddit is a great place to talk with people from all over the world. If you ever need a quick response there are many groups that you be a part of. Make sure to look for specific genres so you get the closest community possible. Just remember not to self promote on Reddit, you won’t get anywhere. Instead, ask questions and answer others. You can make a lot of friends this way. Maybe even ones in your hometown who you can meet up with IRL.


Other than Reddit there are quite a few forums out there dedicated to all different genres, styles, and audiences. A quick google search will uncover dozens in your area or field. This is another great way to get known by your target audience or do research for your current WIP. There are so many forums I don’t even want to mention any other specifics.

Blogs anete-lusina-609857-unsplash.jpg

The comments section on your favorite blog can be a great place to meet new people. Consider commenting on all of your favorite posts to see what conversations start. OR start your own blog like I did. When you start building a fan base you can be as engaged in your followers content as they are in yours. It’s a great way to make friends because you can also talk to other writers about your favorite bloggers! (Maybe you’ll even have some of the same in common).

Goodreads         1454549184-1454549184_goodreads_misc.jpg

Meet Bibliophiles, writers, authors, and readers. See what your friends are up too and be motivated to read more. Goodreads is one of the least talked about social media platforms. There are plenty of writing competitions, discussions, forums and prompts to be found here. It’s easy to link to your Facebook and start discussions with current friends about new books. Leave reviews if you’re into that or just join your local group to meet readers and your target audience.

Build your ownalejandro-escamilla-2-unsplash.jpg

Even if you only have one friend who writes, they probably know others. Try reaching out and inviting them and their friends to meet up at a coffee shop or at your home. I’ve done this personally several times and have always left with one or two more fantastic friends. Try posting on facebook, twitter, or any other social media where your friends congregate. Then invite them over for a writing session, party, or just a time to update each other on what you’re working on and gain inspiration.

Facebook             fb-logo

The same advice applies on Facebook. If you create an event people will come. You can also either join groups or create your own and ask others to join. Once you’re in a group just say what’s on your mind. Offer your advice for other peoples questions and slowly build a repertoire with the regulars. You know how facebook works, just try it.

Youtubedownload (1)

There are plenty of great youtube writers who build communities in their comments section. Try searching for a problem your having and see what the comments have to say. Reply to people or just browse, the choice is yours. You could even try starting your own youtube channel like I did. You can always receive one-way information and don’t have to connect with people in the comments. It’s the perfect introvert solution.

What’s your go-to source for making writing friends? Did I leave any out?

I hope you found this helpful! If so, please consider liking, commenting and or linking. Thank you and have a sparkling day!

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