Choose Your Hero- advice on writing and living a great story

I’ve always wished that life had a character creator. The idea of clicking a button and not only looking like but fundamentally being a new character has always excited me. I used to seek out games that had highly customizable hero, but in the end, the ones I’ve enjoyed playing the most are where the character come alive while I play. They’re my other personas.

Looks and clothes mean nothing without the traits the characters possess and in a way, those things fall in line once the personality is solid.

So what are the traits of a hero?

I analyzed my favorite characters from books, movies, and games, listing out their traits and then seeing what they had in common? What I emphasized with and what I wanted to be.

But these changed over time as I got older and yours may be different depending on how you were raised. I did decide on one characteristic that all Hero’s have in common which you can read here.

But when I looked back through my notes there was something missing. You see all of the best characters are imperfect, fallible, lifelike creatures. I was putting to much pressure on my self and my characters to fit in a box and be extraordinary in every circumstance.

And some of these traits are the hero’s flaws.

So passionate they are blind to the real world.

So strong they believe they can not fail.

I strongly believe that to find your character you must think of them in a defining situation. What do they do when their morals are challenged? When their life is in danger? When their house burns down? And what do you do, dear reader, when the things you define yourself buy come under attack?

A book made of dynamic characters shows each person growing and learning due to situations that arrive in their life. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s so easy to believe the world is out to get you, the cards are stacked against you that an author is telling your story. But we get to change that story for our selves.

As you write your world will change and you will grow and like your main character you will have to rise to the occasion and meet it or risk suffering while you try to solve it.

Writing and living are two sides of the same coin. That’s why this year I’m focusing on merging both my writing advise with living advice.

Everyone has a story to tell. Every story its trials and tribulations. No matter the background. No matter the plot. Whether you know the story or are riding by the seat of your pants. It time to embrace your next adventure.

So go forth, dear reader, and seek out your next chapter.

What I’m reading right now: seven steps on the writer’s path

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