Tips Should Writers Take From Modern Media (TV, Video Games, Film, Anime)

Writing is by far the most inspiring media we have. So many different stories transcend time. Told by billions of different people, they are the gateway to other points of view and other passions. But more and more people have been turning to the easy to access and addictive TV, films, and video games (duh). So what can 21-century writers do to enhance their writing and make it appeal to a more modern audience?

Focus on a compelling/original plot

Of everything, this is the main standby of all current media. Action points, big realizations, twist, turns, dark nights, and high points drive the viewer to not only keep watching but to keep going right this second. Having a plot that is unpredictable is one of the keys to keeping readers reading. Making your story either fast passed or tense on every page will not only turn it into a page turner but hit media.

Over the top characters

The people who stick in our memory the most are the ones with the most extraordinary personality’s. No longer are the days where all men must be tough and fit ( Newt Scamander I’m looking at you) or where the woman have to wait to be saved. Making your characters three dimensional will not only keep your readers guessing what they will do next but you will create someone who can transcend into our reality and stand out amongst the many ‘fit in a box’ characters flooding our media.

Expand your world building.

Escapism is just as popular now as it was when writers first started fictionalizing. In video games and anime specifically we see a huge rise is sci-fi worlds and endless magic. A lot of writing can be taken over the top by exploring the world more deeply. Writing magical realism, fantasy, and history all have the ability to transport your reader to a land of their own imagination and explore it even more than you could possibly come up with on your own.

Embrace what’s special about writing

We are writing for a reason and I don’t think it’s because we can’t direct, film and star in a movie of our ideas. Writing extraordinary sentences expands our minds and takes us to realities beyond our own. Getting personal with a novel will not only show us the beauty and hardships of another life but can awaken us to viewpoints otherwise unknown to us. So write artfully, create literary work and keep it over the top both in prose, plot, and person.

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