How Fiction Writers Find Their Audience // Make an Actionable Plan and Create Compelling Content

The reader profile. Essentially a character sheet that lets you envision the person you’re actually writing your book for. It could be anyone, maybe even someone very similar to you.

I thought I knew my target audience inside and out, being that they are essentially a younger version of me. I thought this old business trick was overrated and I could do it all in my head. Oh, how I was wrong! When I finally completed this one page I was able to find and focus in on the elements that really mattered.

How to do use it:

Your Reader

  • Fill out this sheet (example below)
    • Figure out what they are searching for and where they’re looking
    • Focus your content creation on the platforms you think they use the most
    • Figure out a way to address their problems, fears, and anxieties so your content becomes extremely relevant
    • Realize what makes them happy so you can make sure to include that in your mix
    • Learn about related works and fandoms so you can discover people to collaborate with and the best practices of big names
    • Connect with your audience over shared interests so you become a person instead of a brand


Here’s mine, all filled out.

Copy of Untitled Design

So what did I learn? I need to be more active on Reddit • I want to make more content that inspires confidence • Most of my content isn’t outwardly very gay, I can definitely dive into that more • I can talk about other fandoms that I like, such as anime or specific gay novels, and I’ll probably meet more people like him.

This also informs how I talk to my audience. My specific reader wants to go into a science field as is a bit older and more mature than I originally thought. I’m not too different from him so I shouldn’t hold my self in such high regard above him. I need to talk with my audience more like peers.

Then I just needed to figure out what kind of content I could put out on those three platforms that help anxious people, connect with anime watchers, or helps people moving out to college for the first time. Topics like that will be much more helpful than what I’m doing right now… Helplessly sharing my writing prosses on insta and my blog hoping people will pity me and buy my books while acting like I have some kind of authority.

So, I took each different piece and list out 10 ideas per platform, per interest and suddenly I have 150 new ideas for posting. I can also make sure to fallow plenty of new communities on those platforms to start commenting and introducing myself in all of them.

Fill out the form and feel free to download it or save it to Pinterest for later. It should be easy to edit in most software but I’d recommend Canva or Photopea. I hope this helps you focus in! But anyway, thats all I know. I wish you the best of luck.

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