The Fiction Writer’s Ultimate Guide to Using Pinterest for Your Author Platform // Resource List

I find the sheer number of blogs/ posts/ and videos about any given topic overwhelming. When it comes to creating an online presence, there’s enough to do already. So I’ve limited the list for you. Each link should provide comprehensive and/or a unique look at its section so that you can use the best advice for where ever you are feeling stuck.

If this too feels overwhelming I recommend you at least take a look at the one time tasks and take your time checking them off one by one. These not only permanently boost the feeling/ look of your Pinterest profile but also will help you with your SEO immensely. This would include:

  • Setting up your business account
  • Connecting it to other platforms
  • Creating your bio
  • Setting up a board for every topic you can think of and making the empty ones secret so that you can easily organize your pins as you run across them or make them
  • Creating your board descriptions
  • Putting your best boards on your website and adding a pin it button
  • Considering and looking over an autopinner or another post scheduler

Resource List.pngYou may even want to pin this post so when you are ready to start creating pins and giving them descriptions, check back in to make sure you hit the high points. With that being said allow me to present this summarized slice of the internet.

Your Main Goal:

Create a visual experience of your philosophy and your author brand.

Best Link For a Complete Overview & why Pinterest is important: 

Pinterest Traffic for Bloggers: How We Get 300,000+ Monthly Visits

34 Strategic Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand

Set Up Your Business Account:

Pinterest Business Accounts: The Definitive Guide to Getting Started

Create your bio:

How To Write A Pinterest Bio That Attracts Followers


Don’t forget to include a CTA or Call to Action to invite the viewer to engage with you elsewhere. Refer back to your why and make sure you are inviting people to do what alines with your goal.

Connect your Pinterest to your website:

WordPress  ▽  Wix

Note: You can only claim your website if you have and upgraded account on Wix or have a WordPress business plan

Add the Pin it button to your website:

Make your ‘Pin It’ Button look perfect

If you are going the Plugin route check out: 11 Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins to Increase your Pins & Traffic in 2019

Put your boards on your website:

WordPress   ▽ Wix

Board Ideas:

Remember, you’re trying to make boards your audience wants to look at, here are some ideas:

  • Board of story prompts
  • Board based on the aesthetic of your book
  • Fandoms/ related books
  • Your favorite books
  • Aesthetic pictures of books
  • Quotes that your target audience would relate too
  • Drawings/ pictures that convey the feeling/ genre of your book (horror, romance etc.)
  • Posts from your blog  (with an email opt-in graphic that links to an email sign-up page on your site)
  • Posts from your youtube
  • Posts from your Instagram
  • Behind the scenes boards for world building, character creation, and plotting
  • Refer to your unique selling points list

What is your mission or the message you’d like your readers to hear?

Write good board descriptions:

How to Write Pinterest Board Descriptions That Get Results

Write Amazing Pinterest Board Descriptions With This Template

How to optimize your Pinterest boards

Where to make Pins:

Canva   ▽   Photopea

Best Practices:


  •  600 x 900 is optimal or otherwise quite long
  • Bright/colorful
  • Simplistic
  • Include a logo if you can, people can change the descriptions

Pinterest for Authors: How to create a pin for your book

Pinterest for Authors: Your Essential Guide


A word from Pinterest

Write good Pin descriptions:


6 Tips for Writing Effective Pin Descriptions on Pinterest

Rule the Pinterest Search Bar: How to Write Great Pinterest Image Descriptions

Pinterest SEO in 2019: How to Optimize Your Pins for the Changes

Authors/account to for Inspiration or Following

Find the flow and make things easier:

Look into an auto pinner that can post a few times in the morning afternoon and evening. This makes your boards easier to find. I was against this at first, but you can set them up to pull from secret boards you’ve set up ahead of time.

You can also try to plan your custom pins.

For the AuthorTubers:



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