20 Tips for Writers to Stay Strong in Your 2020 New Years Resolutions

It’s already the 20th day of 2020 which is pretty shocking to me. I was at work talking about resolutions when my alway tired and flustered co worker says to me ‘I don’t believe in new years resolutions, they’re just a capitalist scam to sell more gym memberships’ I was completely caught off guard because I’d never met one of these people in the wild. I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to so please enjoy my post/rant.

1-3 Dispel the Doubts

1. “You can change any day so why change on the first?” I completely believe part of this- You can change any day and you should be growing and changing everyday. The reason to change on new years is because of all the support from your community. I can not believe how many Podcasts, Instagram posts, youtube videos, etc I’ve seen with advice and motivation to get you picking goals and setting realistic goals this year. It simply has peaked. You’ll find my favorites at the end of the list!

2. “I can’t even think of a resolution besides write more.” Stop smoking, take more time for yourself, watch less TV/youtube/social media, spend more time with family, work on your hobbit more, implement a system to use your time better, read more, start a new sport, save more money, make more money. Anything and everything that you wish for can be turned into a resolution. But resolutions with that framing wont stick, you have to write them in a better way. For your writing goals, see if any of the fallowing resinate with you:

"I will build momentum by sitting down to write one sentence everyday. If I go for longer thats amazing." 
"Whenever I ride the bus I will read from one book that motivates me to be a better writer."
"I will schedule writing time in every week and will not let anything get in the way- it's nonnegotiable"
"I will continue to write even when I think it's bad. I can't get better without practice."

3. “I wasn’t like that last year so why will it be any different?” You won’t wake up on the first a brand new person, but you can start down the road to become a better person. On day one you just need to take the first step. Day two take the second. Any day you missed, well that was just a hiccup, just keep moving forward whenever you remember too. Give yourself leeway and don’t expect yourself to be perfect, start small and work your way up.

4-6 If you Don’t What Your First Step is:

4. Define what you want out of your writing- Do you want to write for your self of an audience, be published, self publish, have stories to tell your kids? Do you just want to write more? Sell more? Support some other hobby, record your own personal story?

5. Figure out the first few things you need to do to get there- Do you need an audience to feel successful? How will you build one? Do you need to do research on publishers or editors? Do you need to know what an agent actually does? DO you want to take classes, if so then your task is to google writing classes in your area and online. If you can write out tasks in 5 minute chunks then you’ll see how easy it is to more forward on your path. It’s just one sentence after another

6. Do those things and if you get stuck or don’t want to work on it anymore as yourself why and get to the root. Most of the time the thing that’s stopping us from our success is our own beliefs. Whats the story you keep telling yourself about being a writer, about who you are as a person, about why you can’t do that thing. Work your way back and try to come to an understanding of why you have that belief. Then find reasons to prove that it’s false.

7-14 Stay Strong.

For me this means sounding myself with motivational/ supportive things. This of it like how the AA works, you see other people achieving so you should too. Download podcasts around your goal, fallow Youtubers who talk about writing, and find writing hashtags anywhere you spend time. This servers as a reminder about your goal. I got some audiobooks to play at home while doing dishes, podcasts for the commute, a physical book before bed, background music for while I work, apps that send me reminders and I told my friends and co-workers about it so they’ll keep me accountable.

7. Schedule in time to work on your goal- If you don’t the world will make sure you don’t have any ‘freetime’

8. Give yourself some leeway and listen too your body. We all need to take some time for ourselves and forcing yourself to do something is a great way to give yourself burnout.

9. Aim for something crazy that your excited about and know it’ll take time. Stop playing it small, you’re much less likely to stick with something you can only imagine mildly improving your life. Get moving working towards a big end goal.

10. Add habits slowly once you have power behind them- like a character thats unmotivated you can’t use willpower alone to do everything. But when you give your character and yourself a good reason to spring into action you know they will. Get clear on why you’ve chosen your habit and write it down to remind yourself every day.

11. Write down what you want to work on the next day before bed. That way you wont have to come up with tasks on the spot, you’ll just know what you have to do.

12. Limit ‘Low Fun’ activities. These are thing you do just because they exist. I’d much rather be hanging out with friends then watching cat videos and when I get in the flow of writing I love that a lot more than flicking through Insta. Recognizing whats actually fun and what’s a time filler will really free up your schedule.

13. Focus on Completion. It’s so easy to hop from task to task, googling things as soon as they come up, going back to check the MC’s eye color-again etc. These little tasks can completely derail you and destroy your momentum. Instead, make a note to correct it later and then keep moving forward.

14. Just hit send. Stop thinking so much about what others will think. If you’re worried about not having a big enough audience or not having the best work just know that these feed each other. The more times you go through the process the better you’ll be and the bigger your fan base will be. Just start getting your reps in.

15-18 Motivation Resources

15. Podcasts

  • Don’t Keep Your Day Job
  • Entrepreneurs on Fire
  • The Happiness Lab
  • Write now
  • Being boss
  • Level up Your Course

16. Entrepreneurial Books

17. Books on Writing

18. Youtube

  • Author Brittany Wang
  • Hello Tyne (Mine)
  • Better Ideas
  • Writing with Jenna Moreci

19-20 When you ‘Fail’

19. Any step forward is a good step, even if you don’t think you’ll be able to do it consistently. Setting goals only works if you have motivation but any day you move forward leads you to a better tomorrow

20. You can start over and re-set at any time. Take ever day as it is and don’t define yourself by your past failures. Things will come up, your job is to be comfortable letting the small fires burn instead of getting out the firehose anytime you see the spark. Feel comfortable letting problems sit for a moment so that you can work on you passions. Actions speak louder than words so take the action today that makes you a writer

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