What Everyone Forgets- Fiction Writer’s Guide to Platform Building

So one of my most popular videos on youtube is Wattpad Vs. WordPress, which one is better for fiction writers. Its also one of my best preforming blog posts. But I’ve learned an awful lot about building a platform in between then and now, so I wanted to do a fallow up.

  1. It’s not about being perfect from the get go, as you practice and get better (and you will) then your audience will find you on any platform. If you don’t want to put out content either because it’s not good enough or because it’s amazing and you want more people to see it, then you need to take a good long look at your audience count. It will grow with you

2. With that being said, choose the platform that works best with your style. I hate video editing so it’s hard for me to put out youtube videos, but tik tok’s aren’t expected to be well edited. It’s much faster to make and tends to compliment my comedy style and BOUNUS the people on the app are actually my target audience.

3. So who is your target audience and where can you find them? I’d be willing to bet money that your target audience is yourself 3-5 years in the past. These are the people you can provide the most value too as you’ve been there and know exactly what they’re looking for. If you want to sell a service then just look at what you wanted or what you were buying before, you only need to be a few steps ahead of your audience.

4. The 90% rule: Get your work to 90% of perfect. The last 10% will take the most time, be recognized the least by your audience (who hasn’t been staring at it for six goddamn hours), and what you learn doing the first 90% will make it much easier to make a new project. Perfectionism is the creator of burnout.

5. 1000 true fans. It doesn’t matter what number of people you have as a fallowing. You could pay $50 for 10,000 Instagram followers. What does matter is the number of true fans who love you, fallow everything you do, and have money to spend on you every year. With just 1000 people with $100 to spend on you yearly you’d be making $100,000 yearly. So there’s no reason to aim for everyone, deeping those connections is more important.

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