Information on the Connectivity of Crime

Lore Report: The Screamers

March 6th 2025

On March 11th, 2011 Varistary Mall in Jacksonville Florida was held up in a hostage situation. The perpetrators laid bombs at the base of the concrete pillars that supported the five-story tall mall. It is still unknown how many individuals orchestrated the attack as the pretended to be civilians and evacuated after only five hours in the mall. Three individuals were found dead on inspection and two people were shot before demands were met.

Varistary is an Another Buried Warning Sign

“What concerns me most is how easily the criminals left the scene… leaving three dead in their wake.”
-Hostage negotiator on scene

This event was largely forgotten as on that same day, three hours earlier, a tsunami hit western Japan and the following earthquake and aftershocks devastated 10’s of thousands of lives. So too was it overlooked as the demands were so inconsequential.

But this was just the first event.

June 21, 2023. A warehouse is on fire in downtown Atlanta. In one of the units the workshop of a few amateur scientists heats to 1800 as precious relics act as wicks. After sixteen years spent reconstructing fading books, the deeply complicated culture of the original occult is cremated. At least a thousand tomes were lost to history.

December 29th, 2023. A museum artifact is stolen. No others have been found that are like this. It was special. One of a kind. A small metal disk originating in 1540 in native nature-based pagan religion related to the origins of modern-day Wicca.

This item had been reported stolen from several previous museums. Not different artifacts, the same exact one. The reports on file date back two hundred years. Nothing else was stolen from the West Elm Museum of Natural History. The robbery is not reported to authorities.

February 11th, 2024. An bank in New York is robbed for an excess of $400,000. This would seem disconnected. But during the hist, the artifact, called the Milanoa, can be seen spinning on the countertop. The bombs are the same as the ones from Jacksonville.

Chase Refused Comment

“They were cocky. One was wearing a blind fold… It was humiliating.”
-New York City Officer (wishes to remain anonymous)

July 1st, 2024. San Fransisco Police start investigating potential cult behavior based off the number of dead cats found by chalk symbols on street corners. The symbol on the streets is that of the metal disk.

October 31st, 2024. The Portland Massacre. 24 young men are found dead in the forest just outside town and three young women washed up in the Willamette river. Countless more are presumed dead. Oregonians have a habit of wandering off. Only this time it was different. This time they haven’t been recovered.

It’s all tied together by a thin trail.

Though I’ve presented this information to many a source, few are inclined to side with me. I know why. The implication of these events all leading back to one source is this: there are terrorists within American borders, they know how to build bombs and are actively planning something. People have told me to leave the topic well alone. But I say

“Bring on the Satanic Panic.”

Character Dossiers and Updated Information As I Have It

It’s likely that I’ll be killed during this investigation. For that reason I want my reasoning and information to be publicly available so that those at fault can be brought to justice. Please fallow the above link to receive the in depth information I’ve recorded.

If you are in need of more proof I will be posting the first bout of information ASAP. Please stay tuned.

Update: I’ve just published the primer. It’s how this whole story starts.

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