He Who Started It All

The way he moved, it was like he was dancing around the bullets. Gliding seamlessly between kicks and strikes, moving from one victim to another. Untouchable. I’d watched hundreds of hours of cctv and every time I singled out his suave knife skills. You could tell it was him, always handling the blades as if he were only twirling a pen in class.

It was hypnotizing. How effortlessly he could rob someone of their life, destroy a bank or thrash someone who he disliked.

I forced myself to put my laptop down. It was 3 in the morning again. My eyes stung. I’d been going too deep again. But I didn’t pull myself out of the rabbit hole on my own. My phone was buzzing fervently in my pocket. I dug it out. The room was illuminated by the word ‘Chief’.

I straitened, a rumpled pillow falling into my lap. 

“Hello sir.”

“Amadeus I need you here asap.”

It was Alex’s shift. He was a competent detective. Had been on the force five years longer than I had. My mind immediately went to the worst. 

“Is he ok?”

“He’s fine. I’m getting the whole division down here. Another one showed up.”

“Yes, sir. Understood.”

Laptop in my bag, pulled on my pea coat, grabbed my uniform off the rack, kicked on my shoes. My heels still get caught on the backs. The car didn’t want to start again. Too cold I guess. I changed out of my sweatpants while it warmed up. Then I was off. 

Its eight miles to the station takes and takes 17 minutes. What a quiet night it was, considering the world was about to end. Very few cars were out so I didn’t turn on my lights. The city was dim, most places closed by now. I looked for anyone walking along the road or cars going a little too fast.

I stepped in a puddle in the lot, which was nearly full at this point. My soggy shoes left spots as I hurried inside.

“Hey Truther, they’re in the office.” It was Williby, I didn’t pay him any mind.

I could see my supervisor and the rest of the team at the chief’s desk. They’d called me last again.

“Hey, I made you a hat so your hair wont get wet.” He pointed to my desk.

There was more tinfoil sitting on it.

“Ha ha, thanks bud… thanks for noting”

*knock knock*

“Get in here.”

I shut the door behind me and leaned against it. The room was small, smelled a tad like smoke and looked like a paper bomb had been set off. Alex had his computer on the table and was watching closely, the others were gathered around a very small piece of paper

“But what would this relate to then?”

I set down my bag and walked around to the open spot.

I was just like the last one called.

Character Dossiers and Updated Information As I Have It

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