Setting a 10 Day Goal, and Making an Argument Against Influencers

I’ve always used ‘loose ends’ as a procrastination technique. “Oh I can’t write, the house is a mess and I haven’t filed my taxes.” That may not be the best example.

But regardless, when I wrote out all the things I’d like to wrap up before launching into my first 10 day goal, something clearly emerged.

Tasks I need to do in order to feel resolved:

Writing two blog posts, one to promote each youtube video I released recently

Post to insta promoting my blog

Post to tik tok promoting my blog

Post my youtube video that was supposed to go up yesterday

Write another blog post for that

Make blog not look like shit :/

Essentially I have this promotion schema to move people around on social media in order to be able to yell at them when I’m selling something. These promotion posts often don’t do so well for obvious reasons.

That’s why I felt that the first real step was to realign my sense of self. I love motivation speakers, entrepreneur podcasts and self help books. In short, I love the idea of becoming an amazing human being. But what inevitably ends up happening is that I feel bad about myself for not being on the same level as the people who wrote these thing (who also happen to be 20 years older than me). I also use these videos and podcasts as a form of ‘productive procrastination’ i.e. I listen to them, telling myself I’ve done enough work for the day and going watch netflix.

I also used the voices on influencers to silence my own voice. I never examine what the entrepreneurs were telling me. I got the benefit of joining the herd mentality of the elite herd, the sheep that were ‘working on bettering myself and starting a business’. But you start to wonder why self help has become such an industry. People like me get sucked into the dopamine rush of getting better and keep consulting media without taking action.

Or when we do take action we bark up the tree they told us too and not in the one that is right for our own path.

For that reason I am inviting two unorthodox rules for the first 10 days at least:

  1. No entrepreneur podcasts or covert self-improvement media
  2. Limited screen time in the form of significantly reduced youtube, one TV show per night, and no senseless phone staring (whenever I get stuck on a project or upset I stare blankly at my phone screen and scroll which makes it impossible for me to ever figure out what the problem was and resolve it in the first place.)

As far as my first 10 day goal I believe that if I don’t form a strong foundation then the rest of this years goals will crumble. Therefor I would like to include these objectives:

  • Begin the process of coming home to myself and following my intuition via incorporating mindful movement, mindful meditation focused on relaxation, extensive daily journaling check ins with a focus on clarifying what it is that I want.
  • Mapping out content I’m enthusiastic to make for Youtube, Instagram and Tik Tok for at least the next 30 days
  • Dedicating some time at work to better understanding the instagram/tiktok algorithm
  • Create a list of resources I would like to be provided that will make content creation better quality and more in the flow

With all this in mind I’ve come to summarize that the first 10 days will be dedicated to: Finding myself and finding what value I can provide to the world.

Here’s how day 1 went.

Before bed I wrote out my three main action steps along side my daily gratitude and self esteem journal.

I’d stayed up late and between the air poisoning me and having to go to work I started out the day exhausted. I quickly turned the day around by playing a random ‘good morning’ playlist on youtube. This was the time I often spent listening to self help podcasts.

So I took note. I learned that I focus well when listening to playlists where I can’t pick the next song.

I thought this was important, as I learned more about myself. The other notes I took were as follows

Everything there is to be said has already been said, but it hasn’t been said by you. The value you bring in everything that you create is your personality and your personal lens.

YouTube is a process of steadily improving one thing and then another and another. Then eventually you’re good enough at everything that it flows on it’s own. 

Judging from my analytics I need to work on my click through which means my graphic design and also my empathy for what people will be struggling with and looking for.

From there I wanted to focus on the things that I could control and see what my expectations were.

If my YouTube videos were the best they could possibly be, what would be different?

  • I would have funny, eye catching thumbnails
  • They would be shorter, more concise and full of good quotes
  • They would guide the viewer on a journey using the events that led to the feeling of motivation so that they can feel motivated too
  • I would appear confident

If my blog was perfect what would be different?

  • content would link to each other effortlessly
  • People who visited the main page would get a clear idea of who I am and what they can do to join my tribe
  • It would be a hub for all my separate socials
  • I would post more journal style entries, following the guidelines for tiny Buddha 

If my tik tok was perfect what would be different

  • I would have a cohesive theme to my videos 
  • I would create engagement on the platform and have lots of good conversations
  • It would support my other projects and passions
  • My video would be visually stunning
  • There would be a hint of comedy in every vid 

If my insta was perfect what would be different

  • I would share more of my life and journey
  • The picture would be beautifully curated
  • I would have impactful first lines
  • My posts would inspire action in people or interaction in the comments 

I did contact my therapist about uncovering more of myself. But for my second step of creating ideas for content that I hit my first barrier. I had lots of ideas but none that I was particularly passionate about. I skipped down to researching creating a distinct personality on social to see if that would spark any ideas and what do you know it did!
I was lost in the area of personal branding for a little while and getting no where. Then I ran across this article which amazingly cleared up a lot. When looking at my talents and skills I realized I liked the act of storytelling a lot more than writing and that planning, organizing and goal setting really lit me up. Thinking of what tik tok content I could make surrounding that I immediately came up with several ideas of different directions I could take and things to make on day 2.

I found particularly interesting for what my work is going to be.

Drawing this day to a close I feel comfortable saying that I have made progress both towards my goal and towards personal betterment.

Stay tuned for my next post- a review of my first 10 days.

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