Tracking Your Energy and Creating Premade Content- 20 Days of Self Improvement

Some of you may be following along on my 100 day adventure to create better content that helps more people and become a better person. I’m writing this on the night of my 20th day working on the project. So far I’ve only missed one day of writing out my goals. But that doesn’t mean I’ve achieved all my goals yet either.

10 days ago I set myself a mini goal to create a sustainable system of content and develop at least two weeks of content. The reasons for me choosing this goal are as follows:

  • Having premade content allows me to relax more fully as I don’t need to put pressure on myself to create something everyday
  • The quality of my future content can continue to get better as I won’t have to rush to make it
  • Social media platforms appreciate and reward creators who bring more people to their platform
  • More people come to see what you’ve posted when they know when something will be released
  • Having a routine allows me to free up more space for other things like working on my novel, traveling and spending time with family

Throughout the week I had several spontaneous bursts of content creation where I wrote/ filmed/ edited/ designed more content then I’d be able to post that day. However I never set myself a schedule so when I ran out, I was out.

I had noticed during my first 10 days of self searching that my usual routine for creating content was unsustainable. What I have devised to test out this time may be equally so, but only time will tell. On all platforms except one I have a month of content planned out. I am just creating more content whenever I remember and get in the zone.

Less of a plan, less of a routine, but more time to make whatever I feel passionate about.

For a while now I’ve been watching my passion ebb and flow and shift from project to project. It’s quite annoying really, knowing logically I should work on something and not having the mental energy to do such a thing.

Over this more recent 10 days my pattern was one day of high productivity followed by two days of lesser motivation and then getting back on track. I’d been watching a few youtube videos about doing an energy audit throughout the day but it hadn’t occurred to me to look at the week.

I’d encourage you to track your energy through the day as well as over the course of the week, just to see what patterns you find. Doing this has allowed myself to have more grace. Knowing that I can relax the day after high productivity and then doing chores the next day works out really well for me. I’ve always had an odd energy boost on Mondays and Wednesdays and then either Friday or Saturday which gives me some consistency to look forward to.

Similarly, I often get tired around 4 but will have more energy in about an hour and 30min. Knowing this, I give myself permission to relax during that time and watch a few episodes of a show. Having that full period of relaxation then gives me even more energy when I get back to my projects.

Finding this out can be as simple as looking at a clock and logging it (or complaining about it audibly to a partner) whenever your energy drops. Or it you can be fully involved and write what you are doing and how you are feeling every 15 min. For me it took the form of journaling nightly, looking over my notes, and a hint of self awareness throughout the day. There is no right way to do this.

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