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Welcome dear mortals to my playground of thought. I am the illustrious and utterly unknown Jasper Jay Adams and I invite you into the cogs of my mind. If you are here as a fiction writer or other creative, scroll down to find some of my more recent blog posts that I hope will serve you well.

$12 Mini-Course: Writing Trauma

Writing Trauma


This mini-course will give you the framework to build believable characters and their backstories – through the lens of trauma

This is invisable text. If you find it you are worth

I’ve just released the presale for my mini-course writing trauma! This course teaches you how to tell the stories of people. Developing character driven plots through this framework has always made novels immensely easier to write. I’ve included writing exercises, along side the video lessons to get you drafting scenes right out of the gate.

This course will be going live on JULY 1st. Until then the presale price is only $12.

email me @ jasperjayadams @

For Fiction Writers and Creatives

Find Your Lightbulb Moment

Advice for Fiction Writers and other Creative People

When I have a lightbulb moment I like to write it down and post it here. These are just some of the many notes I’ve written.

If you like what you read you can either sporadically check this domain or fallow the blog and get an email when I sporadically post.

What Everyone Forgets- Fiction Writer’s Guide to Platform Building

So one of my most popular videos on youtube is Wattpad Vs. WordPress, which one is better for fiction writers. Its also one of my best preforming blog posts. But I’ve learned an awful lot about building a platform in between then and now, so I wanted to do a fallow up.

20 Tips for Writers to Stay Strong in Your 2020 New Years Resolutions

It’s already the 20th day of 2020 which is pretty shocking to me. I was at work talking about resolutions when my alway tired and flustered co worker says to me ‘I don’t believe in new years resolutions, they’re just a capitalist scam to sell more gym memberships’ I was completely caught off guard because I’d never met one of these people in the wild. I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to so please enjoy my post/rant.

Why I’m a Writer

I’ve been traveling around Japan for the last two months talking to people traveling from all over the world. And 9 times out of 10, when I introduce myself as a writer I’m told a story, something they wanted to write, a scene floating in their head, or the story of a tried and failed draft.

Today I want to talk to you about how I became a writer, what being a writer feels like, and how a writer is made.

Fiction Writers: Here are The Nine Never Talked About Rules to Launching Your Author Platform from Scratch 

I constantly felt overwhelmed, like I had too much on my plate. My love for writing deformed and became relentless self-promotion. It took up all my time and I never had the chance to write. I was slipping in and out of burnout every day and developed depression related to my identity. All the sources said I needed to have one solid, unified online presence but I was having a hard time trying to fit myself into one box. I thought I was the flawed one for being a ‘jack of all trades’ type and tried to cut out every other avenue of my personality.

I knew there was an issue. A work acquaintance once asked me: “What do you do for fun?” I replied, “I work”

Gaining Inspiration and Motivation so You Can Finish your Novel

Many famous writers will tell you to ‘just write even if you aren’t inspired’ but writer’s block is a long and difficult battle to fight. Finding inspiration can help to get rid of writer’s block, get more word per day, make more time for writing, and simply enjoy writing more.

With that in mind here are some of my favorite ways to hunt down inspiration.

Becoming a Full-Time Writer (A How-To)

Most people only dream of becoming a full-time writer. It sounds impossible, to make a living writing. So how do so many people do it? Today I’m breaking down how one becomes a full-time writer.

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