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IMG_1968When the sun shines through windows on a crisp morning I’ll be there, curled up under a blanket, telling a story.

I grew up in a little ranching town where it wasn’t uncommon to see cowboy boots in target or people riding the only escalator in town just for the thrill of it. I was dyslexic to the point where my first grade felt the need to tell my parents that I couldn’t spell or understand math.

I couldn’t read but I had stories to tell.

I wrote my first 100 pages in the only way I knew how, color-coded and entirely in camera angels. I was ten years old and the only media I knew was film so I made up my own rules for writing.

Flash forward ten years and the kid that used to be confused by quotation marks had written seven 90,000 word manuscripts, taught themselves the rules of literature and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in set design and construction for film and a minor in creative writing. I was twenty.

I never would have gotten this far it it wasn’t for people believing in me, a little luck, and some magic. So I want to pay it forward.

I believe in you.

No matter who you are or where you’re from you have some magic in you. Find your childlike wonder, explore the world and see how amazing people really are. Join me on my journey not only to become a better writer but a better person.


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Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

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