First section of My Nanowrino project

The sound of a story is often the little clicking noises that keys make and a story teller’s fingers dance around a keyboard. It could also be the crisp sound of a flowing pencil across paper, or the little breaths that come between each sentence that one may speak. Stories are everywhere. They are inContinue reading “First section of My Nanowrino project”

Hatred in the moonlight

With clear blue sky above; the stain glass windows shone brightly, projecting bright colors across the empty halls of Riverbend High school. The building had been a state government building that was closed during the revolution. After years of not being used, the pillars that held up the whole front of the building were becomingContinue reading “Hatred in the moonlight”

He Who Has a White Shadow

The door swung open but no one in the rough bar looked up. Men yelled and cursed, drunk and fought until the man who had opened the door stepped inside, a white wolf with black wings followed him inside. The man wore a kimono that was dirty and torn and a hat with a shrunkenContinue reading “He Who Has a White Shadow”