What makes a good person/character

Today I would like to show you what I do as my basic character outline. Hopefully this helps you! I answer the fallowing questions to enhance the plot and move it forward. What are some of their most displaced traits What is their defining quality What is the opposite of that What would make themContinue reading “What makes a good person/character”

The big 5 character traits

This link is to a Dnews video regarding personality physiology, specifically, the big five. These five traits are what I use to create commingling and relatable characters. By choosing some traits to be represented more highly in your characters you can craft unique and memorable ‘people’. If you have two characters who share nearly identicalContinue reading “The big 5 character traits”

First section of My Nanowrino project

The sound of a story is often the little clicking noises that keys make and a story teller’s fingers dance around a keyboard. It could also be the crisp sound of a flowing pencil across paper, or the little breaths that come between each sentence that one may speak. Stories are everywhere. They are inContinue reading “First section of My Nanowrino project”