How to Write Someone’s New Favorite Character

How do you create a character some is obsessed with? You see it in movies, tv, and anime all the time. If you’ve ever been to a anime/comic con then you’ll know how obsessed people can get over characters they are passionate about. So what is that one thing that lovable characters have in common?Continue reading “How to Write Someone’s New Favorite Character”

5 Weird Tips for Figuring Out What Your Characters Looks Like! (and how to describe it)

Sometimes the hardest thing to keep consistent with your character is their physicality.  I often have a rough time trying to pin down exactly how to describe the overall feeling I want readers to get. Heres some of my favorite tips and tricks for figuring it all out. Dating Apps If you want to scrollContinue reading “5 Weird Tips for Figuring Out What Your Characters Looks Like! (and how to describe it)”

Unique Gifts For Fiction Writers (and 10 best books on writing)

So you’ve made friends with the ever illusive introverted fiction writer. As it gets ever closer to Christmas we need to start thinking about what the best gifts would be. Here are some ideas and places to get started. 1. Etsy Customisable Artists love supporting other artists, that’s why Etsy is the first one I’llContinue reading “Unique Gifts For Fiction Writers (and 10 best books on writing)”

How to Write 50,000 Words in 15 Days (and a video!)

We’re partway into nano now so I figured it was time to give you a boost. I’m not competing this year as I’m editing my novel for publication. But two months ago I completed my 50,000 words in 15 days. I created this video if you would rather listen to me explain. The most importantContinue reading “How to Write 50,000 Words in 15 Days (and a video!)”

How to Create Your Perfect Writing Space (and a Video)

Creating a spot that you use only for writing has many benefits. I’ve trained myself that whenever I sit in this one chair, I get in a writing mood. I’ve had a specific writing spot in every place I’ve lived. You can see my current set up here if you want some inspiration. Tip 1Continue reading “How to Create Your Perfect Writing Space (and a Video)”

The only tip you need to actually finish the draft of your novel.

So I’ve written about six novel-length manuscripts averaging about 80,000 words and started around 23 different projects in my lifetime. So what was the difference between the ones that were completed and the ones that were abandoned? This one change to my writing style did it all for me. Every novel I’ve started to writeContinue reading “The only tip you need to actually finish the draft of your novel.”

What Makes Anime Characters so Popular?

I am constantly struck by how Anime stands apart from other popular media presented to teens. It’s often not only something you need to be in the mood for, but also something that can bring people with no other common interests together in ways that books never seem to do. At conventions, thousands of peopleContinue reading “What Makes Anime Characters so Popular?”

The Secret to Making Your Setting More Than a Backdrop

I studied set design and construction for film in college, not writing. But that makes me the most qualified person to tell you that you’re probably doing plot wrong. When creating the world of a film we don’t just think about the physical place, but how it reflects the characters and how it’ll influence theContinue reading “The Secret to Making Your Setting More Than a Backdrop”

How DnD Changed the Way I Write.

Call me a nerd, but I’ve heard several authors say that playing DnD helps them write better. It really helps to fully get into character and see exactly what your motivations are even when the task at hand doesn’t involve the overall plot. Roleplaying shows you all the different facets of a person and howContinue reading “How DnD Changed the Way I Write.”

Your Characters Aren’t in Enough Danger

In the age of video games where it only takes a click of a button for your favorite character to respawn, it’s easy for new writers to fall short when trying to create rising action. Lucky for us, there is one very simple thing to keep in mind to make sure your action actually risesContinue reading “Your Characters Aren’t in Enough Danger”