Start Your Writers Notebook Printable Worksheet

If you’re just starting to work on a story here’s my little cheat sheet for the most important things to keep in mind. You can reference when you sit down to write so you keep your voice the same through the novel and stay motivated!

Video: How to Prepare for Nanowrimo- Preptober tips

It’s our favorite time of year: Preptober!I love making preptober content as much as I love planning novels- which is quite a bit! This year I’m releasing a whole series explaining the different steps it and give advice on how to plan/ plot or otherwise prepare for nanowrimo. If you don’t want to wait for…

Why Writing a Novel can Change Your Life.

What is the purpose of a novel? If most amazon self published listings only sell 100 copies in their lifetime then what was the point of the thousands of hours that were put into it? Well I think there is an answer as well as an argument. The reason why these books don’t sell very…

Quincy’s Civil War

Explore Planet Merc, the place where all dreams go once they are discarded. Follow the journey of Quinn the ‘antagonist’ of World War Marlow and get his side of the story before the novels release.

Writing Trauma so Your Characters Lead Your Story

Have you ever sat back after writing and realized you don’t remember the hours passing? The characters had been leading themselves and may have changed where the plot was going. You might have to rewrite the ending but—oh this is going to be so much better now. I crave that feeling. By having a fully…

The Habit of Being a Writer- Why?

“You should be writing everyday”- how many times have you heard that one? “Read books in your genre” is often countered with “Writers should read broadly” – both still imply you should be reading all the time. “Schedule your writing time- yes write it in on your calendar” – usually accompanies rebuttals about not writing…

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Writing My First Novel

This year, 2020, is the year of finishing projects for me. I’ll be releasing the book I’ve been working on for years, and I’m about to release a very different kind of project that I’ve had in my heart for a very long time. In starting these new projects I’ve had to do two things….

When Writing Feels Impossible

Sometimes we just want something so badly and it fails. Sometimes we know we shouldn’t do something and we do it anyway. Sometime this causes burnout. Sometimes this is because of burnout. I’ve spent most of my life doing something because I think I ‘should’. As a result everything I ‘should do’ ends up failing….