D. Zedler


What harm could two sugars really do?
D. Zedler is just like me and you, sometimes he takes one sugar, sometimes he takes two.
We all make insignificant choices throughout our day, speeding through that light, parking where we shouldn’t. We may only think of it for a passing moment, moving on as if the culmination of our actions will never come to fruition.
D. Zedler is just like me and you, sometimes he takes one sugar, sometimes he takes two.
When devils and angels call, what will you do?
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‘The Angel’ Tyne Griffin is a 22-year-old tour guide in Portland Oregon. Writing has always been a passion of his, having penned over ten novels in the last several years. However, A Day in the Life of Mr. D. Zedler will be his debut work. Of all his works, this will be his debut because it is a work he created with his greatest writing inspiration and best friend, Jasper. In his free time, Tyne pens novels about ghosts, adventures, world domination, magic, and romance. By night he works in a world-famous doughnut shop, comes home to the love of his life, and pets his orange cat.
‘The Devil’ Jasper Jay is an adventurer who collects stories by moonlight and entertains

Writerauthorphotoby day. He writes to inspire and immortalize what he has learned. He lives in a world of his imagination as he finds the real world much too cruel. That does not, however, keep him from writing dark romances set in worlds not too unlike our own. His characters are often what he longs to be; the romantic, the king, the con artist, the wise old bat, as well as the parts he has been and will become. Every story contains truth and each should remind you that you are valid no matter your physicality, mental illness, self-expression, or dreams.

Jasper and Tyne decided to publish their experimental collaborative work first, so that they entered the published world together, not as competitors.
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